Med Ball

Dynamax Medicine Ball

Build Dynamic Strength with Dynamax Medicine Balls.

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$80.00 - $165.00
2 Reviews

Elite Power Medicine Ball

Perfect balance and durable construction guaranteed to retain its' shape. Durable, hollow, synthetic rubber with a textured surface that makes them easy to hold, toss, catch or bounce.

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$27.93 - $132.88
1 Review

Med Ball Tree Kit

Store up to 5 medicine balls conveniently and attractively with a Power Systems medicine ball tree kit.

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$285.03 - $511.69
1 Review

Basic Power Medicine Ball

Add resistance and challenge to a workout with the Power Systems Basic Medicine Ball.

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$17.58 - $95.21
1 Review

Wall Ball

…with ten weight options from 6 to 30 lbs. Black. Racks available, for up to eight balls and for up to sixteen balls. Features: * One diameter helps with consistent form while training from lower to heavier balls * Soft, black vinyl shell with a moisture and scuff resistant textured surface to…

$67.39 - $119.39

Med-Ball Tree ONLY

Med-Ball Tree

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$110.01 - $112.92

ProElite Medicine Ball

Bold, Strong & Distinctly Different. The ProElite Med Ball has a patented concave surface texture keeps the ball in your hands, and won't wear off with repeated use. Made from an upgraded rubber composition for extra durability. Eleven weight options, and a sleek, all black color scheme with…

$26.90 - $128.33

Power Rope Ball

Develop your rotational strength and overall power with the Power Rope Ball from Power Systems.

$52.77 - $171.49

Soft Touch Medicine Ball

Add resistance and interest to your workouts with a soft medicine ball from Power Systems

$10.34 - $17.58

CorBall Plus Medicine Ball

Improve fitness and strength with a CorBall Plus Medicine Ball from Power Systems.

$46.25 - $110.42

Power Throw-Ball Softball Medicine Ball

Strengthen & rehab the shoulder.Power throw balls are small weighted balls help develop dynamic strength by throwing. Choose the weight & size best for you

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$15.20 - $17.27
Premium Slam Ball Clearance

Premium Slam Ball

The Premium Slam Ball from Power Systems is the perfect choice for your plyometrics workout.

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$39.19 - $82.48 $39.73 - $82.48

XD™ Kevlar® Medicine Ball 14"

Consistent 14in diameter regardless of weight. Part of the XD Kevlar line of products.

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$92.69 - $177.87
3 Reviews

Double Med Ball Tree Kit

Store up to ten medicine balls on a vertical Double Med-Ball Tree. Has rubber feet to protect flooring and provide stability. Choose black or gray color.

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$736.29 - $851.79