Med Ball

Elite Power Medicine Ball

Add resistance and Increase Interest with medicine balls from Power Systems.

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$26.99 - $128.39
3 Reviews

Dynamax Medicine Ball

Build Dynamic Strength with Dynamax Medicine Balls.

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$80.00 - $165.00
5 Reviews

Basic Power Medicine Ball

Add resistance and challenge to a workout with the Power Systems Basic Medicine Ball.

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$16.99 - $91.99
1 Review

Med-Ball Tree ONLY

Med-Ball Tree

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$103.69 - $106.69

CorBall Plus Medicine Ball

Improve fitness and strength with a CorBall Plus Medicine Ball from Power Systems.

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$44.69 - $106.69
1 Review

Med Ball Tree Kit

Store up to 5 medicine balls conveniently and attractively with a Power Systems medicine ball tree kit.

$275.39 - $494.39
2 Reviews

Soft Touch Medicine Ball

Add resistance and interest to your workouts with a soft medicine ball from Power Systems

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$9.99 - $16.99

PowerForce Medicine Ball

…design ensure a ball that can withstand the toughest of exercise programs. With 14” diameter to ensure consistent form and weight options up to 30 lbs. For more information about choosing the right med ball for your needs, and a sample workout, read about a triple med ball workout here. Features:…

$67.39 - $119.39

Double Med Ball Tree Kit

Store up to ten medicine balls on a vertical Double Med-Ball Tree. Has rubber feet to protect flooring and provide stability. Choose black or gray color.

$711.39 - $822.99

MEGA Slam Ball

Boost cardio and increase muscle mass by doing throwing exercises with the Mega Slam Ball

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$33.39 - $84.99
2 Reviews

Premium Slam Ball

The Premium Slam Ball from Power Systems is the perfect choice for your plyometrics workout.

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$38.39 - $79.69
2 Reviews

Premium Med Ball Tree Kit

Store up to 20 medicine balls on a Premium Med Ball Tree! Sturdy, metal rack in black or gray color is portable on casters for convenience between classes.

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$1347.39 - $1552.99

Power Rope Ball

Develop your rotational strength and overall power with the Power Rope Ball from Power Systems.

$50.99 - $165.69