Long Handles

Resistance Tube PLUS Extra Light

…in recovery. Six resistance levels for any user. Plastic handles. 48" long. Features: * Patent Pending double tube design provides peace of mind * 6 different resistance levels - Extra-Light through Ultra-Heavy * 48” tubing with PVC handles * Portable and lightweight, great for travel training *…

$10.69 - $16.38

Vector Long Strap Loop Handle

…The Long Strap Loop Handle is black nylon, doubled stitched for added durability. Five O rings are sewn into the nylon at even intervals, allowing users to easily connect the strap at various lengths, making this strap perfect for a variety of exercises and movements. The hard, rubberized handle has…

Covered Resistance Tube Extra Light

…The plastic handles feature a foam grip for stability and comfort. Six color-coded resistances clearly listed on the nylon handle straps. Interior tube is 60" long but will stretch to around 199". Features: * 6 color coded resistances – Extra Light through Ultra Heavy * Plastic handle with foam *…

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$15.25 - $20.94
3 Reviews

Life Fitness Covered Resistance Tube Extra Light

…tubing from nicks, cuts, overstretching. The ergonomic plastic handles feature a textured rubber grip for stability and comfort. Five color coded resistances, clearly listed on the nylon handle straps. Interior tube is 60" long, but will stretch. Sold individually. Racks and kits available.…

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$16.95 - $20.95

Concept2 Skierg Skierg w/PM5 Monitor and Floor Stand

The Concept2 SkiErg makes the sport of Nordic skiing available to everyone. Long recognized as delivering one of the toughest workouts around, Nordic skiing develops both strength and endurance and exercises the legs as well as the arms and core. The SkiErg can be used for both double pole and…

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Manduka Enlight Rectangular Yoga Bolster

The enlight lean bolster is a lightweight, classic, rounded bolster featuring a resilient, long lasting fiber-fill to create a firm cushion that provides superior support. Features: * 1 lb; 29" x 7" x 3.25" * Soft, plush, absorbent eQua micro-fiber fabric cover keeps you dry and comfortable. *…

MostFit Core Hammer 8 lbs

…it like a sledgehammer against the ground, driveway, cement floor or, use it like a mace to develop shoulder strength, mobility, and stability. The long lever and distally loaded end provide endless options for unilateral and asymmetrical strength challenges, core exercises and rotational, mobility…

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$189.02 - $199.02
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Pro Maxima Raptor Series P-7200 Cable Cross Over

…* 2" x 4" 11 gauge steel weight stack frame housing * Form fitted outer weight stack shield * Hi/Low adjustment column * Easy lift adjustment handle * Bright red colored pull knobs * Instructional color placard * Custom made rubber feet with bolt-down holes * 150 lb. weight stack * 1/4" nylon…

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