Life Fitness Mats

Denali Series Hybrid Rack

…coated, reinforced steel * Rubber shelf liner extends the life of the shelf and products * Top row - 6.5" between rails for 11" -14" diameter med balls or stability balls * 2nd row - 12" between rails for 14" diameter med balls or rolled mats * 3rd/4th row - slanted shelves, 16" W x 6' L with 2.5" H…


Circle Fitness 7000 – Treadmill with Built in Digital TV

The Circle Fitness 7000 – Treadmill with Built in Digital TV is an entertainment center and workout machine all rolled-up in one. The running surface provides ample space and delivers proportional cushioning regardless of the users weight. Features: * Unit weight of 407 lbs. with a maximum user…

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LifeFitness Mat

Soft and durable, LifeFitness exercise mat offers great design, style and function. This is the perfect mat for group fitness, core and stretching exercises.

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Circle Fitness 7000 – Treadmill with LED Console

The Circle Fitness 7000 – Treadmill with LED Console is designed for commercial use with a large running surface that provides ample space and is constructed from carbon weave, low friction material that is resistant to static build-up; and the durable Smooth Deck cushioning system delivers…

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LifeFitness Stretching Mat

Designed to create a soft yet durable barrier for stretching and basic exercises, The LifeFitness stretching mat makes stretching comfortable on any surface.

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LifeFitness Premium Yoga Mat

The LifeFitness Yoga Mat offers premium design in both look and feel.

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Manduka eQua® Yoga Towel

…potential. Its versatility eliminates the need for other fitness towels that wear out quickly. While the material will survive countless uses and washes, it can also be re-purposed as a multi-functional cleaning cloth if its life as a fitness accessory comes to an end. The packaging is made from…

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