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Premium Kettlebell Sale

Premium Kettlebell

Optimize your workout and increase versatility with Premium Kettlebells

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$23.22 - $66.25 $38.70 - $110.42
5 Reviews

LifeFitness Kettlebell

The LifeFitness Premium Kettlebell offers a thick, durable rubber coating and a smooth chrome handle for superior movement.

$48.95 - $106.95
Reebok Kettlebell Sale

Reebok Kettlebell

…means of improving strength gains, full-body conditioning, agility and balance, The Reebok Kettlebells are constructed of highly durable cast iron and feature a wide handle to allow for a more comfortable grip for both one and two handed exercises such as the one-hand snatch or kettlebell swing.

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$56.65 - $99.00 $148.99 - $322.99
4 Reviews

Hammer Strength Kettlebell

The new kettlebell range delivers the durability, toughness and performance exercisers expect from Hammer Strength.

$48.95 - $139.95

Terra Core Balance Trainer

…WORKOUTS into a THREE-DIMENSIONAL, functional sweat fest. The Terra Core is designed to WORK BY ITSELF or with resistance bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, TRX and ALL OTHER FITNESS ACCESSORIES. The bottom side offers PUSHUP HANDLES and other exercises to help BUILD BALANCE and AGILITY.…


ProElite Competition Kettlebell

Gain strength with durable ProElite competition kettlebells made by Power Systems.

$67.99 - $361.93
2 Reviews

kor Kettleball

Kor kettleball kettlebells are more user-friendly than traditional cast iron kettlebells.

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$51.74 - $123.15


Increase overall body strength with kettlebells, a traditional fitness favorite, from Power Systems.

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$20.07 - $158.34
7 Reviews
Competition Kettlebell Sale

Competition Kettlebell

Gain strength with durable competition kettlebells made by Power Systems.

$53.55 - $91.59 $71.40 - $122.12
15 Reviews
Ultra Kettlebell Sale

Ultra Kettlebell

From beginners to advanced athletes, your clientele can develop power and whole-body coordination with ultra kettlebells from Power Systems.

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$20.48 - $128.33 $25.55 - $128.33
1 Review

Studio Premium Kettlebell Rack

Perfect for a personal training room, our metal Studio Premium Kettlebell Rack has noise reducing rubber mats on all 3 shelves, storing up to 12 kettlebells


Club Premium Kettlebell Rack

Keep your exercise are free of scattered kettlebells with the help of a Club Kettlebell Rack by Power Systems.


Premium Kettlebell Prime

Same great design as our best-selling Premium Kettlebells, the Prime has a smooth vinyl covering to dampen noise, protect floors and guide users to quickly select the correct weight.

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$37.39 - $106.69
1 Review

Granite Series Horizontal Kettlebell Rack

Granite Horizontal Kettlebell Rack is part of the durable, hard-working Granite series for budget conscious gyms. The rack will hold up to 25 kettlebells, with a lip to keep kettlebells safe and secure. The durable, powder coated steel is 3 x 3 11-gauge, and sturdy enough for your heaviest weights.…


Denali Series Multipurpose Rack

…solutions the most ergonomical and lasting rack currently available. Ideal for a mix of products, including stability balls, medicine balls, kettlebells, and dumbbells, while keeping your equipment options open. Exclusive to Power Systems, this series is unlike any other racks in its design and…

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