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Premium Slide Board 5-8 foot slide board Sale

Premium Slide Board 5-8 foot slide board

Improve balance, agility and speed with a sliding board from Power Systems

$467.22 $584.02

Battle Rope ST - BRST BRST

…lb. handles * 10' L rope * 1.25 inch static nylon braided rope * Dual Function Upper Mount * Lower Mount Rope Dimensions 1.25 inch Diameter. 10 Foot Length Rope Weight 14 Lbs Handle Dimensions 7.5 x 6 inches. 1.6 inches thick Lower Mount Dimensions – 6.5 x 2 x 6 inches 2.4 lbs Upper Mount Dimensions…

Agility Rings Sale

Agility Rings

Agility Rings from Power Systems, Inc. Position these rings in custom training patterns to develop foot speed, agility, overall coordination, and mental focus.

$22.31 $59.89
Agility Dots - Set of 12 Sale

Agility Dots - Set of 12

Our indoor, non-skid 10" diam Agility Dots- Set of 12 are a great tool for developing motor skills, footwork patterns for any sport, foot speed, and balance.

$38.62 $47.68
1 Review

Power Systems Power Wheel

…Power Wheel moves in any direction to work your whole core and utilize range of motion. Comfortable, durable PVC hand grips and sturdy plastic foot stirrups with adjustable nylon straps and rubber loops. Can be used with hands or feet in the stirrups. Assembly required. 14" diameter wheel. Features:…

1 Review

Maxx Bench Olympic Flat Bench

BRAND NEW! The World's Safest Bench, a revolutionary free weight bench with patented gravity release technology featuring a foot lever that lowers the lifter while placing the loaded barbell safely on the rack. Bench without the heavy duty Olympic rack with weight storage also available. FEATURES:…

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Maxx Bench Flat Bench with Wheel Set

The World's Safest Bench, a revolutionary free weight bench with patented gravity release technology featuring a foot lever that lowers the lifter while placing the loaded barbell safely on the rack.

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Demon Sled

…HERE. Features: * Improves drive phase mechanics, triple extension, triple flexion, power to ground, shin angle, foot to ground contact position (minimizing the amount of time the foot is on the ground) body position, muscle imbalances, and other areas that are extremely important when it comes to…

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The Axle Axle Bar, Plates, Collars Sale

The Axle Axle Bar, Plates, Collars

This unique equipment can function as a barbell, core roller, planking tool or a foot anchor for core exercises.

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$9.86 - $220.44 $13.50 - $271.95
4 Reviews

Pro Agility Pole Set

Zig Zag your way to increased foot speed, change of direction, agility and dribbling skills using Pro Agility Poles. Cutting drills mean equal on the field.

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1 Review

Water Ankle Cuffs

Water Cuffs-designed to be worn on the ankles & each cuff features a fully adjustable strap & fastening clip to secure it around the ankle & under the foot

Pro Maxima PLR-776 Glute/Ham Developer with Half Moon Pads

…US DIRECTLY. Glute Ham Developer With Adjustable Linear Bearing Footplate System And Half Moon Slip Thigh Pad • Adjustable Linear Bearing Non-Skid Foot Plate • 2x3 & 2x2 Heavy Wall Steel Construction • Foam Rollers to Lock Feet in Place • Half Moon Split Thigh Pad • Assist Handles with Custom…


AssaultRunner Elite

…consumption. FEATURES: * Motorless Running Machine * (2) Water Bottle Holders * Ergonomically Designed Front Storage Space * Larger Side Shrouds For Foot Placement * Built-In Handle and (2) Transport Wheels * Hi-Contrast, UV Resistant Console Screen with Improved Readability * Connects To Bluetooth…


Assault Air Bike

…* Thick 12g 1.0mm tubing * Monitor your heart rate wirelessly via the On-Board Polar Radio * Pedal, push, and pull * Rest feet on the oversized foot pegs during all arm sessions * 27" steel fan * 22 robust sealed cartridge bearings outfit each and ever point * Integrated transport wheels for easy…

1 Review

Assault Bike Pro

…low impact, cardio training that's completely scalable to athletes of all skill levels. With its comfortable padded seat, conveniently placed foot pegs, and supportive handlebar grips, the AssaultBike Pro makes for the most user-friendly ride offered on a fan bike today. Features: High Contrast…