Flat Rep

REP Resistance Band - Latex Free

REP Bands let you add resistance to your workout without the irritation of latex sensitivity.

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Flat Bench

The sleek, updated design and durable, premium padding make this commercial-grade bench an upgrade from standard flat benches.

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Flat Band Sale

Flat Band

A flat resistance band can be used in as a standalone workout or as an addition to various workout programs.

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Flat Band Handles

Flat band handles will accomodate most any flat resistance band product, using the guide-loop and clip closure. Adjust distance between handles to customize flat flat band length for a variety of exercises.

Pro Maxima FW-115 Flat Bench

Pro Maxima FW-115 Flat Bench

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Maxx Bench Olympic Flat Bench

…the loaded barbell safely on the rack. Bench without the heavy duty Olympic rack with weight storage also available. FEATURES: Maxx Bench Olympic Flat Bench * Gravity release safety technology * Adjustable height * Automatic bench return * Heavy duty Olympic rack with weight storage * 850 lb. weight…


Pro Maxima PL94 Flat Work Bench

Shop for the Pro Maxima PL94 Flat Work Bench at Power Systems.

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Maxx Bench Flat Bench with Wheel Set

The World's Safest Bench, a revolutionary free weight bench with patented gravity release technology featuring a foot lever that lowers the lifter while placing the loaded barbell safely on the rack.

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Pro Maxima PLR600 Flat Work Bench w/ wheels

High strength utility bench is constructed from 2" x 3" high stress heavy wall steel tubing. Padding is high density padding covered in 40 oz. Commercial Grade Marine Naugahyde.

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PowerWave Class Packs Beast Reps Class Pack - 10 Pack

PowerWave is not your average sandbag or Bulgarian bag -- unique features are built in to help you maintain proper body alignment as you maximize caloric expenditure. Customized music and timers assist you in the 20 minute workouts. For more about the PowerWave and new App, read about bringing…

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Harbinger Palm Grips Sale

Harbinger Palm Grips

The perfect training aid to get through high rep workouts without tearing up your hands! The wrap-around fingerless hand design provides total palm coverage. Harbinger's proprietary real leather grip offers strong protection against calluses and skin tearing. Designed for right and left with quick…

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Indoor Agility Ladder 15' 15'

Don't let rainy days stop practice with an Indoor Agility Ladder. Choose from 15' or 30' length. Cross rods keep ladder flat and protect floor form scuffing.

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Versa Balance Log

The VersaBalance Log offers two balancing options. Use the flat side down for a more stable surface or rounded side down for a more unstable and challenging surface. Textured surface prevents slipping.

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Target ABS

…and perform a sit up motion touching the colored targets as you crunch forward and reach toward the top of the bench. Once you touch the target your rep is complete. Two complementary targets are positioned on either side of the main target allowing for effective oblique training as well. Increase…


AIREX Mat Fitline 120

…offer superb cushioning and excellent durability for Pilates, yoga, fitness, and more. The nonslip surface is comfortable to the touch. Mats lay flat when in use and roll easily when the workout is over. Closed-cell structure makes this hygienically treated mat moisture resistant and easy to clean…

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