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Fixed Bar

Denali Series Fixed Barbell Rack

The Denali Series Fixed Dumbbell Rack stores our ProStyle Round Rubber Fixed Barbells with a clean, open, and organized look. Barbells are positioned at an angle, securely held on slanted PVC posts, making each barbell weight easier to see and grab and return. 39" L x 51" H x 33.5" W. Black, powder…

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Performance Quarter Rack

…STANDING: Outstretched legs with rubber feet create a stable base and allow this rack to be free-standing without the need for permanent fixings. Floor fixing is recommended. Features: * Length: 1184mm (47'') * Width: 1247mm (49'') * Height: 2217mm (87'') * Weight: 55kg (121lbs) * Max Load: 450kg…