Exercise Steps

FreeStyle Step

Achieve weight loss and health goals with high quality exercise step aerobics

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Reebok Step

…health clubs more than 25 years ago, the timeless aerobic Reebok Step remains an integral and immensely popular piece of equipment in the group fitness exercise arena today. Sturdy and durable for every lunge and jump, the Reebok Step's non-slip rubber surface means the user can focus on their form…

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Versa Steps

Train for balance and motor skill development with balance training exercises using Power Systems' VersaSteps.

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Versa Tube for Step Sale

Versa Tube for Step

Versa-Tube for Steps - designed for use with exercise steps. A nylon center strap reduces wear on the tube so you can add them to tubing & step workouts.

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Power Stepper Ankle Resistance Band Intermediate

Develop strong first step quickness with stepper ankle resistance band exercises from Power Systems.

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Terra Core Balance Trainer

…balls, TRX and ALL OTHER FITNESS ACCESSORIES. The bottom side offers PUSHUP HANDLES and other exercises to help BUILD BALANCE and AGILITY. It's also perfect as an AEROBIC STEP or for CROSSFIT EXERCISES. As a WEIGHT LOSS TOOL, the Terra Core is unrivaled. It is OPTIMAL for doing CRUNCHES, PLANKS,…


Mini Body Bar

The Body Bar Mini series are shorter versions of The Body Bar Classic. They can add variety to group, Pilates, yoga, martial arts, or individual exercise when weighted resistance is desired for unilateral and bilateral training. Ideal for independent arm movements.

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Reebok Pump Set

…dual functionality with a cut-out inner section providing a natural grip for dumbbell style exercises. Including two twist-lock collars, the weight set is quick and easy to load; keeping your exercise transitions sharp. Features: * Steel bar with marked template for guided form * Plates are cast…

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Seiko Digital Metronome DM51

Use the Seiko Digital Metronome DM-50 for testing aerobic capacity during the step test, as well for as setting the cadence for cycling, running, exercising, golfing, and other moving activities.

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Versa Bar Aerobic Bars Sale

Versa Bar Aerobic Bars

The VersaBar body bar is ideal for core strength training, and for many other individual and group exercises.

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Three-Way Utility Bench

…in width – just right to not get in the way of your shoulder blades for press and fly work. Pad height from the floor in the horizontal position is 18 inches. A pair of wheels and a foam rubber grip handle are standard on this item for quick relocation between exercises. Available for Quick Ship!

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Circle Fitness 7000 – Treadmill with Built in Digital TV

…weave, low friction material that is resistant to static build-up. * 0 to 18% incline range. * 0.2 to 16 MPH speed range. * 3.5” rollers with a 8.5” step up height. * Contact and telemetric heart rate sensors. * Commercial emergency stop system. * CE and motor UL regulatory approvals. * 16” touch…

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Circle Fitness 7000 – Recumbent Cycle with Built in Digital TV

…and telemetric heart rate sensors. * CE and generator UL regulatory approvals. * Time, distance, heart rate, watts, RPM, levels, METs, calories, exercise summary report display on monitor. * Program available: manual, rolling, valley, fat burn, ramp, fitness test, random, 4 HRC 4 users, body fat. *…