Exercise Cables

Vector 45 Replacement Cable Pack Light Pack 15" Cables

…when not in use. It also fits into TSA compliant carry-on bags. Features: * Vector 45 cables stretch to 45 inches, perfect for smaller training spaces or short range of motion exercises * Interior cables are 15"L but stretch to 45" pull range before the Kevlar stopping point engages * Attachments…

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$54.50 - $63.95

Premium Revolving Multi Exercise Bar

Perform numerous exercises w/ the Premium Revolving Multi Exercise Bar. Solid steel construction w/ chrome finish. Knurled ergonomic rubber handgrips.

Vector 60 Replacement Cable Pack Light Pack 20" Cables

…with ease, or lock away securely when not in use. Features: * Vector 60 cables stretch to 60 inches, perfect for the widest variety of exercises, users over 6' tall, or when there is more than 5 feet of space * Interior cables are 20"L but stretch to 60" pull range before the Kevlar stopping point…

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$62.65 - $72.25

Pro Maxima Raptor Series P-7200 Cable Cross Over

…92" H * Weight: 630 lbs * Great addition for any home or commercial gym * Exercise virtually every muscle group with one machine. * You can interchange the cable handles to provide you with an unlimited number of exercises for all experience levels. Raptor Series Standard Features: * Adjustable…


LifeFitness Double Cord - 48"

LifeFitness Double Tubes Resistance easily connect to the LifeFitness Synrgy360 system or Hammer Strength Heavy Duty Racks to allow exercisers to simulate movements performed on cable weight machines.

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Pro Tricep Rope

Get a more effective workout and isolate your triceps with our Pro Tricep Rope. Great for multi use with cable machines for abdominal exercises. Nylon rope.

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Pro Nylon Ankle/Wrist Strap

When attached to any cable style machine, Nylon Ankle/Wrist Strap is versatile and can be used to exercise the legs or arms. Neoprene pad provides comfort.

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Abdominal Crunch Strap

Perform core and ab exercises in multiple planes with the Abdominal Crunch Strap. Heavy nylon padded shoulder straps with special handles to keep hands close to the chest. D-ring attachment for selectorized cable attachment.

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Double Cords Long Extra Light

No cable machine needed, w/ Double Cords Long 48", a partner or anchor point for a great workout with little expense and all the same exercises-rows & more!

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Vector Long Torso Strap

…attachment for the Vector 45, Vector 60, Vector GX or any cable attachment machine. The Long Torso Strap is thick black nylon, looped and stitched for added durability. The D ring makes this strap perfect for a variety of exercises and movements. Black. 56" L x 2.5" W. Features: * 56"L x 2.5"…

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Vector Long Strap Loop Handle

…any cable attachment machine. The Long Strap Loop Handle is black nylon, doubled stitched for added durability. Five O rings are sewn into the nylon at even intervals, allowing users to easily connect the strap at various lengths, making this strap perfect for a variety of exercises and movements.…

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Premium Revolving 48" Lat Bar

Premium Revolving 48 In. Lat Bar–multiple textured ergonomic rubber handgrips to perform many exercises. Top-quality solid steel bar & chrome finish.