Dumbbell 25 Lbs

Rubber Octagonal Dumbbell 25 lbs Sale

Rubber Octagonal Dumbbell 25 lbs

Boost power movements with a rubber octagonal dumbbell that is kinder to your floor and equipment than traditional metal dumbbells

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Cardio Dumbbell 25 lbs

…urethane dumbbell. Unlike any design currently on the market. Designed to set your gym apart as the ideal partner to the ProElite Pump Set. The premium urethane handle features a gentle knurling pattern for a secure grip. Unlike other studio dumbbells, the handle on our Cardio Dumbbell is a…

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ProStyle Round Rubber Dumbbell 25 lbs

…ProStyle Dumbbell Rack and dumbbells can look in your facility! Features: * Sold individually * Solid steel knurled ergonomic handle with chrome plating for improved grip, comfort and durability * White, raised numbers make each dumbbell easy to identify by weight 20 weights available - 5 -100 lbs.

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SandBell Filled 25 lb

…durable neoprene shell. Twelve weights, from 2 to 50 lbs. SandBell Filled bells are sold filled with composite fill material. 1 year limited warranty. Features: * Safe on floors, creates less noise, and will not roll away like traditional dumbbells * 1 year limited warranty * SandBells are already…

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Granite Series Horizontal Dumbbell Rack

dumbbells, with a lip to keep dumbbells safe and secure. The durable, powder coated steel is 3 x 3 11-gauge, and sturdy enough for your heaviest weights. 60” W x 40” H x 25” D. 150 lbs. FEATURES: * 60” W x 40” H x 25” D * 3 x 3 11-gauge steel * 3 tiers * Holds 10 to 20 pairs of standard dumbbells,

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