Dumb Bells

Studio Dumbbell Rack

BRAND NEW! Our most space-efficient studio or functional training storage solution for our popular Rubber Octagonal Dumbbells and our new Cardio Dumbbells and Urethane Dumbbells. Holds up to 10 pairs of dumbbells, 1- 30 lbs for the Rubber Octagonal, 3-15 lbs for the Cardio, and any of the Urethane.…

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Granite Series Horizontal Dumbbell Rack

Granite Horizontal Dumbbell Rack is part of the durable, hard-working Granite series for budget conscious gyms. The rack holds 10 to 20 pairs of dumbbells, with a lip to keep dumbbells safe and secure. The durable, powder coated steel is 3 x 3 11-gauge, and sturdy enough for your heaviest weights.…

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Pro Maxima PLR-505A 3 Tier Dumbbell Rack

This product ships directly from the manufacturer. Shipping dimensions are approximately 9'L x 3'W x 3'H. Estimated delivery is 4-6 weeks. Shipping and Installation are additional and you will be contacted by one of our Business Development Representatives to arrange them. Features: * Holds a…


Premium Dumbbell Storage Rack w/ 44 Black Neoprene Pairs DB

Premium Dumbbell Storage Rack at Power Systems, Inc. Rack with sturdy metal tray supports up to 44 pairs of dumbbells.


Premium Dumbbell Storage Rack w/ 44 Deluxe Vinyl DB Prime Pairs

Stay organized by with a Vinyl Dumbbell Storage Rack w/ 44 Deluxe Vinyl DB Prime Pairs for your group fitness classes! Sturdy metal rack has casters for mobility.


Home Gym Small

Home Gym - Small Great starter kit for at home cardio and strength workouts. Includes our popular multi-purpose Reebok Deck, a variety of resistance tubes and loops, an assist strap, stability ball, and yoga mat. This kit will support beginner to advanced workouts and is small enough to tuck away in…

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Denali Series Fixed Barbell Rack

The Denali Series Fixed Dumbbell Rack stores our ProStyle Round Rubber Fixed Barbells with a clean, open, and organized look. Barbells are positioned at an angle, securely held on slanted PVC posts, making each barbell weight easier to see and grab and return. 39" L x 51" H x 33.5" W. Black, powder…

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