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ProElite Pump Set Full Set

Shop for the ProElite Pump Set at Power Systems.

$7.42 - $190.87
68 Reviews

ProElite Pump Set w/Lock-Jaw Collars

Shop for the ProElite Pump Set with Lock Jaw Collars at Power Systems.

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Rubber Grip Plate with Yellow

…Features: Designated gripping locations for using in hand-held exercises * Virgin rubber surface coating with a solid stainless steel core insert * Black with yellow accents * 6 weight options * Plates sold individually - not in pairs * Fits any Olympic bar - does not fit a cardiobarbell sized bar

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$8.70 - $99.76

Urethane Cardio Dumbbell 3 lbs Pair

NOW in 25 LB OPTION! Get your hands on Power Systems newest urethane dumbbell. Unlike any design currently on the market. Designed to set your gym apart as the ideal partner to the ProElite Pump Set. The premium urethane handle features a gentle knurling pattern for a secure grip. Unlike other…

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$28.12 - $235.18
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