Cardio Barbell System

Standard CardioBarbell Rack 10 Sets Sale

Standard CardioBarbell Rack 10 Sets

Maximize floor space and maintain a safe workout area; keep equipment clean and organized. Provides users with direct access to stored barbell sets. Comes with 10 barbell sets.

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$171.46 $244.94
Deluxe CardioBarbell Rack Sale

Deluxe CardioBarbell Rack

Get group fitness class moving with Deluxe CardioBarbell 10 Sets. Use for barbell training or hand held plates for flyes, kick backs, and overhead presses.

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Power Systems Deck

…the Power Systems Deck! Harnessing the latest innovations in product development, the Power Systems Deck features a non-slip rubber surface that ensures greater stability throughout every movement while expanding workouts like no other tool in a tight, portable package. Enhance cardio workouts by…

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Standard CardioBarbell Set Sale

Standard CardioBarbell Set

The Standard CardioBarbell Set is an adjustable barbell system ideal for full-body workouts.

$5.58 - $17.27 $5.58 - $49.36
7 Reviews

Cardio Dumbbell

…Power Systems newest urethane dumbbell. Unlike any design currently on the market. Designed to set your gym apart as the ideal partner to the ProElite Pump Set. The premium urethane handle features a gentle knurling pattern for a secure grip. Unlike other studio dumbbells, the handle on our Cardio

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Vertical Cardio Plate Storage

Portable, space-saving cardio pump plate storage. Keep cardio pump plates off the floor and organized! Black, X-shaped steel base with four locking casters is sturdy enough to support up to 800 lbs. Chrome center post is 32" H and resists scratches and scuff marks. Easily roll this vertical plate…

Denali Series Cardio Pump Rack

…during hectic large group classes. Six plate shelves, each with five plate pegs store more than 20 Power Systems ProElite Pump sets. Pump sets sold separately. Exclusive to Power Systems, this series is unlike any other racks in design and function. Better, thicker shelving, improved client…

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Deluxe CardioBarbell Plates Only Sale

Deluxe CardioBarbell Plates Only

Shop at Power Systems for deluxe cardio barbell plates.

$50.11 $83.51

Aerobic Bar Vertical Storage Rack

Stay organized with a Aerobic Bar Vertical Storage Rack, storing up to 24 bars or pvc pipes, body bars or Cardio Barbells for use in group fitness classes.

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Deluxe CardioBarbell Set Sale

Deluxe CardioBarbell Set

Cardio and strength training, all in one! CardioBarbell Set was designed with group fitness in mind-rubber to protect floor, plates for handheld exercises.

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ProElite Pump Sets w/ Racks

Designed to provide your group fitness classes a bar and plate set that is superior in quality and versatility.

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$306.83 - $3,456.27
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Deluxe CardioBarbell 10 Set Rack Only Sale

Deluxe CardioBarbell 10 Set Rack Only

Maximize floor space and maintain a safe workout area; keep equipment clean and organized. CardioBarbell sets sold separately.

$171.46 $244.94

Rubber Standard Plate

Create barbells with standard rubber weight plates from Power Systems.

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$5.58 - $17.27
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ProElite Pump Plate

…challenge of our ProElite Pump Set with our new 20 lb option. The ProElite Cardio Pump plate design features a unique beveled edge with designated grip locations that form a polygon. The beveled edge keeps the weighted barbell from rolling away while not in use. The inner stainless steel ring…


Axle Storage Rack

BRAND NEW! Keep your Axle barbells organized and ready for class! The new Axle Club Storage rack will hold up to six Axle barbell sets plus additional pegs for up to 36 plates. Each set includes one collapsible bar, one pair of Lock-Jaw collars and one pair of wheels. Rack is matte gray…

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