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Bumper Plate Storage

Vertical Bumper Plate Storage

…space-saving bumper plate storage. Keep bumper plates off the floor and organized. Black, X-shaped steel base with four locking casters is sturdy enough to support up to 800 lbs. Chrome center post is 32" H and resists scratches and scuff marks. Easily roll this vertical plate stacker out of…


Pro Maxima PL505 Bumper Plate Storage w/ Chalk Holder Platform Attachment

Store your bumper plates adjacent to your training platform. Includes chalk bowl for quick and easy access.


Sierra Toast Rack

…and colors to suit your training room needs. A pair of Toast Racks that store approximately 8 Olympic Bumper Plates per side, depending on weights. Full line of racks, accessories, plates, and bars sold separately! See it in a room! Our Strength Training Room, Athletic Strength Room, and Performance…

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Performance Plate Storage Rack

Perfect rack to store your light commercial bars and plates. Features: * Oval Tubing * Powder Coated Surface Finish * Free Standing * Able to store Bumper Plates and Grip Plates * Bars and plates sold separately, rack only Specifications Height: 131.5cm/51.7" Depth: 70cm/27.6" Length: 72cm/28.3"…

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Vertical Cardio Plate Storage Sale

Vertical Cardio Plate Storage

…our older racks. Plates, bars and collars are sold separately. Features: * 24" W x 38" H (total height) * Post is 32" H * Black steel/chrome post * Holds up to 800 lbs. * Locking casters * Perfect for overflow plates or our 20 lb ProElite Pump Plate * Looking for a version to fit your bumper plates?

$92.42 $108.73

Vertical Wall Bar Holder

…lifting barbells organized and off of the floor. Holds up to three weight lifting bars. Rubber bumper keeps bars safely stored in each slot. Pre-drilled holes. Bars sold separately. Features: * Rubber bumper keeps bars in place * Pre-drilled holes * Black metal * 15 lbs. * 12"L x4.5"W x2.5"H * Holds…