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Bumper Plate

Bumper Plates in a clean black color palette with weights measured in pounds.

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$72.50 $96.66
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Diamond Pro Bumper Plate

Power Systems Diamond Pro Bumper Plates are strong, dependable and used by trainers and competitive lifters alike.

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$18.22 - $100.31
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Olympic Bumper Plate

Inner stainless steel ring surround by all-rubber design creates increased durability. Sound dampening rubber construction creates top-tier shock absorption and limits rebounds. Olympic Colored Bumper Plates featuring competition colors and weights.

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$58.98 - $123.57

Vertical Bumper Plate Storage

…space-saving bumper plate storage. Keep bumper plates off the floor and organized. Black, X-shaped steel base with four locking casters is sturdy enough to support up to 800 lbs. Chrome center post is 32" H and resists scratches and scuff marks. Easily roll this vertical plate stacker out of…

VTX Premium Bumper Plates

Premium Bumper Plates are designed for Olympic style platform lifts. Each solid rubber bumper plate is the same diameter as an Olympic 45 lb. weight plate. Brass insert reinforces hole and protects bars.

$128.74 - $253.98

Pro Maxima PL505 Bumper Plate Storage w/ Chalk Holder Platform Attachment

Store your bumper plates adjacent to your training platform. Includes chalk bowl for quick and easy access.


Training Plate Black

…most bumpers wear and crack over time. Training plates are ideal for high-volume Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting programs. Power Systems Training Plates are available in 7 weight options, from 2.5 to 55 lbs. Black. Olympic colors also available. Sold individually. Racks, bars, and collars…

$16.69 - $154.99

Training Plate Olympic Colors

plates are technically classified as bumper plates, the reinforced inner stainless steel disc makes them look and function differently. The wide inner disc evenly distributes force across the plate when dropped and reinforces the weakest part of the plate - the center hole is where most bumpers wear…

$16.69 - $154.99

Vertical Cardio Plate Storage

…our older racks. Plates, bars and collars are sold separately. Features: * 24" W x 38" H (total height) * Post is 32" H * Black steel/chrome post * Holds up to 800 lbs. * Locking casters * Perfect for overflow plates or our 20 lb ProElite Pump Plate * Looking for a version to fit your bumper plates?