Not just a product - BOSU is known industry-wide for training balance, enhancing flexibility and delivering killer cardio workouts. They have an unprecedented reputation for building strength and fine tuning skills for sports. By itself, the BOSU is just molded plastic, weighted rubber and stability balls with secret filling. You have to engage with them in order to bring them to life! That is when your BOSU offers a system of mindful action, intentional movement and smart science that produces results!

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BOSU Pro Balance Trainer ONLY

Make every workout more challenging by adding balance with the BOSU Pro Balance Trainer

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$152.39 - $159.99
1 Review

BOSU Home Balance Trainer

Add versatility and challenge to workouts with a BOSU Balance Trainer from Power Systems.

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BOSU Elite by WeckMethod

Introducing the BOSU Elite, a specially-designed version of the BOSU Balance Trainer that helps improve athletic speed, power, body mechanics and balance, and works with new, WeckMethod programming.

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1 Review

BOSU NEXGEN Pro Balance Trainer

Functionality Meets Performance. Featuring an updated design for new exercises and usage, the textured dome allows for more precise body positioning and targeted cueing for cardio, agility, strength, core, balance, and mobility exercises and drills.

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Small Storage Rack for BOSU PRO

Keep your bosu balls off the floor and neat and clean with the small storage rack for bosu balls from Power Systems.

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$187.39 - $922.69

Large Storage Rack for BOSU Rack + 14 BOSU Pros

Organize your original BOSU Balance Trainers on this welded steel storage rack. Narrow enough to fit through a standard door with casters that can lock when needed.

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$199.00 - $2,099.99

BOSU Sport 50cm Balance Trainer Blue

…additional BOSU Sport 50 cm. Balance Trainers, BOSU Balance Trainers, BOSU Elite, or BOSU Ballast Balls. Made in the USA. Visit our BOSU playlist for workouts and videos! Features: * Colors: Blue or Pink * Neon green rim * Diameter: 22" (50 cm.) * Maximum user weight limit: 250 lbs. * Includes: BOSU

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BOSU Ballast Ball

A BOSU ball is a total-body training tool that provides more stability than a traditional stability ball.

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BOSU Powerstax

Use to elevate your BOSU Balance Trainer in 4 inch increments for more advanced training. Or fill with water for a dynamic resistance training tool weighing between 2 to 35 pounds.

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$94.39 - $249.99
Carry Bag for BOSU Clearance

Carry Bag for BOSU

Conveniently transport your inflated BOSU Balance Trainer anywhere. Shoulder strap has reinforced stitching for durability. Made of nylon with mesh panel and zipper closure. Black. 26" L x 26" W. 1 lb. BOSU Balance Trainer sold separately.

$12.32 $45.69
BOSU Sports Series - Skiing and Snowboarding DVD Clearance

BOSU Sports Series - Skiing and Snowboarding DVD

BOSU Sports Series Sport Specific Balance Training VHS/DVD for skiing and snowboarding. Presented by Peter Twist, Douglas Brooks and Phil Arney.

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$14.00 $19.99
Halo Trainer Clearance

Halo Trainer

The Halo Trainer allows exercisers to control the level of stability while using the product alone or with a stability ball or BOSU ballast ball.

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$62.99 $85.99
1 Review
BOSU Xplode Clearance

BOSU Xplode

This 5 part cross training series offers training for your core, balance, agility, cardio and strength with 5 different workouts on 2 DVDs. Get a hardcore workout with BOSU XPLODE. Featuring Todd Durkin, Keli Roberts, Douglas Brooks, Mindy Mylrea and Pete Twist.

$64.40 $101.69
BOSU Sports Series - Football DVD Clearance

BOSU Sports Series - Football DVD

This Sports Series DVD featuring Peter Twist shows conditioning techniques specifically for football using the BOSU Balance Trainer.

$14.00 $19.99