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<strong>St</strong>rength Band

Strength Band

Best Seller! Add resistance to standard strength building exercises, like chest presses and squats. Offset body weight for pull-ups and tricep dips. Bands are also a great tool for increasing flexibility and range of motion. Available in seven resistance levels: extra light, light, medium, heavy, extra heavy, ultra heavy, and super heavy. Each closed loop band is 41 inches long and is made from seamless latex rubber designed to resist breakage. Width and weight of band depends on the resistance. Contains Latex. For more information about selecting a strength band, and some exercises you can do with the bands, click here. For our YouTube playlist, click here. Features: Cost-effective and space-saving all-body exercise tool Sturdy, seamless latex Great for partner workouts Which Band Should ...

Options: Extra Light | Light | Medium | Heavy | Extra Heavy | Ultra Heavy | Super Heavy | Strength Band 4 Pack

VersaBall PRO <strong>St</strong>ability Ball

VersaBall PRO Stability Ball

Best Seller! Can withstand more weight than the Versa Ball. Constructed of high-quality, professional-grade materials and won't pop if punctured. Instead, they deflate slowly, significantly reducing the risk of injuries if a puncture occurs while in use. Easy to inflate, and include a tape measure make it easy to tell when you've added the right amount of air. Sold individually. Storage options and pumps available. Features: Promote p<strong>ropestrong>r posture, increase lower back mobility, build back and abdominal strength Improve core strength High quality professional grade PVC construction Available in 3 sizes and 4 colors NEW COLORS FOR FALL - Navy, Sage Green, Gray Tape measure included to indicate p<strong>ropestrong>r inflation User's Height Listing: 45 cm: 4'6" to 5' 55 cm: 5'1" to 5'7" 65 cm: 5'8" to 6'1" 7...

Options: 55cm Black | 55cm Gray | 55cm Sage | 55cm Navy | 65cm Black | 65cm Gray | 65cm Sage | 65cm Navy | 75cm Black | 75cm Gray

Power Sy<strong>st</strong>ems Covered Tube 48"

Power Systems Covered Tube 48"

Brand New! Covered Resistance Tubes add durability and peace of mind to a fitness favorite! The stretchy black nylon sleeve protects the tubing from nicks, cuts, overstretching. The plastic handles feature a foam grip for stability and comfort. Six color coded resistances, clearly listed on the nylon handle straps. Interior tube is 48" long, like the Versa Tube PLUS. Sold individually, or as a kit of one of each resistance. Racks available. Features: 6 color coded resistances – Extra Light through Ultra Heavy Kit contains 6 tubes, one of each resistance Plastic handle with foam Resistance is clearly visible on the nylon handle strap Tubing is covered by a thick, nylon sleeve to protect it from nicks, cuts and overstretching Tube is 48" Power Systems Covered Tubes Strength Color Resistance ...

Options: Extra Light | Light | Medium | Heavy | Extra Heavy | Ultra Heavy | Tubing Kit

Speed <<strong>st</strong>rong>Rope</<strong>st</strong>rong>

Speed <strong>Ropestrong>

Best Seller! Durable black vinyl <strong>ropestrong> built for speed, agility and cardio training. Color coded, molded PVC handles allow for a comfortable and solid grip. Five lengths to accommodate any user. See the specifications below to determine the best jump <strong>ropestrong> based on your height. Racks available. Features: Durable vinyl <strong>ropestrong> Molded PVC handles Lengths color coded by handles 5 different lengths Jump <strong>Ropestrong> Length Recommendations: 6' - user height 3'11" and under 7' - user height 4' to 4'8" 8' - user height 4'9" to 5'5" 9' - user height 5'6" to 6" 10' - user height 6'1" to 6'6" How to determine the correct length of a Power Systems Speed <strong>Ropestrong> for you: Step with one foot into the middle of the <strong>ropestrong> Bring your hands up towards your chest Place your hands underneath your armpits (the <strong>ropestrong> should be s...

Options: 8' | 9' | 10'

Premium Yoga <strong>St</strong>icky Mats

Premium Yoga Sticky Mats

Best Seller. Premium Yoga Sticky Mats are available in several colors and in two different thicknesses for the p<strong>ropestrong>r degree of cushioning to meet your needs. The secure, adhesive, textured surface will ensure that neither you nor the mat slip while performing your exercises. Lightweight and durable, these mats are ideal for yoga as well as stretching and Pilates. Racks and carts available. Features: Each mat is 68" L x 24" W and available in 1/8" or 1/4" thick NEW COLORS FOR FALL 2023! Navy, Sage, and Gray Lightweight and durable Wipes clean with a damp cloth Rolls for easy storage

Options: Black - 1/4" thick | Black - 1/8" thick | Gray - 1/4" thick | Gray - 1/8" thick | Sage - 1/4" thick | Sage - 1/8" thick | Navy - 1/4" thick | Navy - 1/8" thick

Power Sy<strong>st</strong>ems Deck

Power Systems Deck

UPDATED TOP DESIGN for 2023! Our updated top is still textured and grippy, but now features a large, flat hex design that is more comfortable for seated exercises. Harnessing the latest innovations in product development, the Power Systems Deck features a non-slip rubber surface that ensures greater stability throughout every movement while expanding workouts like no other tool in a tight, portable package. Enhance cardio workouts by incorporating step and bench-based movements up to 330 lbs. Transform from the deck from an inclined or declined weight bench for strength training. The thoughtful design and stability carries through when transporting and storing the deck for group fitness classes or training on-the-go. When you want to achieve low impact aerobics, set deck at 8 inches for yo...

Options: Deck only

Mo<strong>st</strong>Fit® Core Hammer

MostFit® Core Hammer

POWER SYSTEMS EXCLUSIVE! With the MostFit Core Hammer you no longer need a bulky tire for a sledgehammer workout. It’s fun, dynamic, portable and extremely versatile. Swing it like a sledgehammer against the ground, driveway, cement floor or, use it like a mace to develop shoulder strength, mobility, and stability. The long lever and distally loaded end provide endless options for unilateral and asymmetrical strength challenges, core exercises and rotational, mobility and stability work. Ideal for small group training, one on one training, athletic conditioning, boot camps and more. Available in 8 lbs and 12 lbs. Features: Durable plastic covered fiberglass handle with comfortable rubber grip 8 or 12 lbs. head made of solid urethane Can withstand extreme force Safe sledgehammer workouts wi...

Options: 8 lbs | 12 lbs

Power Training <<strong>st</strong>rong>Rope</<strong>st</strong>rong>s 1.5"

Power Training <strong>Ropestrong>s 1.5"

Training <strong>ropestrong>s work the entire body for overall strength and conditioning . These 1.5" diameter <strong>ropestrong>s come in three lengths to accommodate a wide range of fitness levels. <strong>Ropestrong> anchors and hanger available. Also available in 2 inch diameter for increased resistance. Black. Features: 1.5 inch diameter Choose from 30’ or 50’ lengths <strong>Ropestrong> weight varies according to diameter and length Helps develop power, grip strength and stamina Rubber grips

Options: 30'

Pro<strong>St</strong>yle Round Rubber Dumbbell

ProStyle Round Rubber Dumbbell

BRAND NEW! Durable construction that is ideal in frequent-use settings! The heads of our ProStyle Round Rubber Dumbbells are cast metal are encased in thick rubber to prevent damage to the weights, floors and other equipment in the exercise facility. Ergonomic, knurled chrome handles provide a comfortable, stable grip. The rubber heads have a slight bevel, and are welded directly to the handle. Weights are clearly marked in white, making it easy to grab the correct size. Twenty weights available, from 5 to 100 lbs. Sold in pairs. Rack available. See it in a room! Our Performance Center and Athletic Strength Room 3D rendering examples will give you a feeling of how the Denali ProStyle Dumbbell Rack and dumbbells can look in your facility! Features: Sold in pairs Kits of 5-50 lb pairs and 55...

Options: Dumbbell Kit 5 - 50 lb | Dumbbell Kit 55 - 100 lb

Original Health Club <strong>St</strong>ep

Original Health Club Step

Best Seller. The name says it all! This is the step that started the greatest exercise trend in the fitness industry. Adjustable heights of 4", 6" and 8". Rubberized deck and slip resistant bottom. Includes platform and four risers - each also sold individually. Kits and storage carts available. 22 lbs. Features: Includes platform and four risers - each also sold individually Black/Gray or Black/Teal Height adjusts to 4", 6" and 8" Weight limit 400 lbs 40" L x 14" W Cannot be sold outside the US.

Options: with 4 risers | with 4 risers

ProElite <strong>St</strong>ability Ball

ProElite Stability Ball

BRAND NEW! Our most durable stability ball! Made of heavier, thicker-gauged PVC material with an updated, dimpled surface - this ball is more resistant to puncture, deformity, or losing shape. Ideal for heavy traffic and commercial use facilities. The smooth, slightly dimpled surface offers a full 360-degree range of use, no raised surfaces to impede comfort when rolling your body on it. Easy to inflate, and includes a tape measure make it easy to tell when you've added the right amount of air. Black. Two sizes available, diameter clearly marked. Sold individually. Storage options and pumps available. Features: Black 2 diameters available – 55 cm. and 65 cm. Smooth dimpled surface Heavy-duty material Burst resistant up to 1130 lbs. Slow deflate User's Height Listing: 55 cm: 5'1" to 5'7" 65...

Options: 55cm | 65 cm

Ab Coa<strong>st</strong>er CTL

Ab Coaster CTL

The CTL is a new addition to the Ab Coaster Commercial Series product line. The unique design of the CTL features the patented Ab Coaster bottom-up movement without rails. The trackless CTL design features a frictionless resistance system making the motion very easy for any user, including deconditioned and rehab patients, and makes for easy maintenance and super-quiet operation. The Ab Coaster CTL is designed to help you exercise your abdominal muscles via a leg lift motion. Unlike the popular ab crunch exercise, which works your ab muscles from the "top down", The Ab Coaster moves in the oppposite direction, working your abs from the "bottom up". The motion requires you to lift your knees and legs while contracting your abs. Some assembly required. Ships by freight carrier. L 51” W 41” H...

Options: Black/black

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Yoga <strong>St</strong>rap

Yoga Strap

Best Seller! Yoga Straps are ideal for stretching and positioning. These strong, cotton blend straps can assist with getting into the p<strong>ropestrong>r pose or position. It is also an excellent tool for increasing flexibility. Plastic buckle allows you to adjust the strap length. Features: Buckle allows you to adjust the strap length Strap is a strong cotton blend with PVC buckle Two lengths: 6' L or 8' L Two colors: Blue or Purple

Options: 6' | 6' | 8' | 8'

Free<strong>St</strong>yle <strong>St</strong>ep

FreeStyle Step

The platform features a cushioned surface, providing maximum traction and comfort. Freestyle risers allow for three platform positions: flat, horizontal, and vertical slant. Additional risers also available. Kits and carts available. Features: Set comes with 4 risers (2 FreeStyle and 2 traditional) and 1 platform FreeStyle risers are Gray and allow for 3 varying platform positions Weight limit 300 lbs 40" L x 14" W Gray/Black or Red/Black Cannot be sold outside the US.

Options: Gray FreeStyle Step | Red FreeStyle Step | Risers

Power <strong>St</strong>epper Ankle Resi<strong>st</strong>ance Band

Power Stepper Ankle Resistance Band

Best Seller. Four challenging levels. Develop strong first-step quickness and target the hard-to-isolate inner and outer thigh muscles. Start with intermediate resistance to teach and perfect resistance band skills, and then graduate to advanced and elite exercise band workouts. Padded ankle cuffs are extra-long to accommodate most users. Features: Excellent for all-over body training Great for travel Includes one 10" long latex tube with 2 padded ankle cuffs with Velcro straps Contains Latex

Options: Intermediate

The Circuit <strong>St</strong>ep

The Circuit Step

Best Seller. Smaller, and more economical than the Original Health Club Step with only 25" L x 11" W stepping surface. Slip-resistant bottom. Height adjusts to 4", 6", or 8". Black/Gray. One platform comes with four risers. 12 lbs. The weight limit for the Circuit Step platform only is 275 lbs. and the platform with risers is 400 lbs. Additional risers sold separately in pairs. Features: Set includes platform and four risers Additional risers sold separately in pairs Black/Gray set or Violet risers available Height adjusts to 4", 6" and 8" Cannot be sold outside the US.

Options: Step with 4 Risers | Additional Risers - ONLY - Black

PowerForce Free <strong>St</strong>anding Bag

PowerForce Free Standing Bag

Designed for kicking and punching without the need for hanging. Bag and collar are covered in durable fabric backed by nylon canvas and open cell padding. Features a removable collar to increase/decrease pivoting of the bag. Weighted, 33 1/2" base can also be filled with up to 280 pounds of sand or water The oversized striking surface allows for any size user. Dry weight 57 lbs. Ships in two boxes. Features: 77" H, 65" striking surface and 3 height settings accommodate users of all sizes 16.85” bag diameter 33 1/2" base can be filled with up to 280 lbs. sand or water for stability Removable foam collar increases or decreases the pivoting of the bag Bag and collar are covered in durable fabric backed by nylon canvas and open-cell padding Practice strikes and kicks without the need for a han...

Ankle-Wri<strong>st</strong> Weights

Ankle-Wrist Weights

The unique design of the soft, fabric-covered Ankle-Wrist Weights make them suitable for wearing around the ankle or wrist. Velcro closure for easy adjustments and removal. Great option for rehab or to aid in toning/shaping your leg and arm muscles. One Size fits most. Three weight options available. Features: Color: Gray/Black Velcro closure Available in 3 different weight options - 2 lbs. pair (1 lb. each) 5 lbs. pair (2.5 lbs. each) 10 lbs. pair (5 lbs. each)

Options: 10 lbs

Harbinger Tricep <<strong>st</strong>rong>Rope</<strong>st</strong>rong> - 26"

Harbinger Tricep <strong>Ropestrong> - 26"

Cable attachment <strong>ropestrong> for training triceps, biceps, and shoulders. Full 26” length of 1 ¼” heavy duty nylon <strong>ropestrong> with ball grips. Fits universal gym cable machines. Red/black. 26"L. Features: For training triceps, biceps, and shoulders Full 26” length of 1 ¼” heavy duty nylon <strong>ropestrong> Custom engineered ball grips for stronger grip Heavy duty aluminum receiver attaches to universal gym cables Full 26” length of 1 ¼” heavy duty nylon <strong>ropestrong>

Wall-Mounted Rack for Belts - Tubing - Jump <<strong>st</strong>rong>Rope</<strong>st</strong>rong>s

Wall-Mounted Rack for Belts - Tubing - Jump <strong>Ropestrong>s

Best Seller. This wall storage system allows you to store up to 24 standard jump <strong>ropestrong>s on four different posts. Easily mountable to any wall and can be used to accommodate any variety of belts, tubing and more. Mounting hardware not included. Resistance tubes, jump <strong>ropestrong>s, or belts are sold separately. Black. Rack is 26" L - posts are 6" L. Locking version also available. Features: Black Rack: 26" W Posts: 6" L Mounting hardware is not included Helps keep belts, tubing, or jump <strong>ropestrong>s off the floor and organized. Stores up to 24 standard jump <strong>ropestrong>s

Power Training <<strong>st</strong>rong>Rope</<strong>st</strong>rong> 2"

Power Training <strong>Ropestrong> 2"

Training <strong>ropestrong>s work the entire body for overall strength and conditioning . These 2" diameter <strong>ropestrong>s come in black and two lengths to accommodate a wide range of fitness levels. <strong>Ropestrong> anchors and hanger available. Also available in 1.5 inch diameter for decreased resistance. Black. Features: 2 inch diameter Choose from 40’ or 50’ lengths <strong>Ropestrong> weight varies according to diameter and length Helps develop power, grip strength and stamina Rubber grips

Options: 40'

Super Tricep <<strong>st</strong>rong>Rope</<strong>st</strong>rong> Black

Super Tricep <strong>Ropestrong> Black

NEW COLOR! Work both triceps at the same time with this extra-long, black cotton <strong>ropestrong>. Attaches to most cable machines with a heavy duty clip. Extra length (40" instead of 28" for the Pro Tricep <strong>Ropestrong>) helps increase range of motion. 40"L x 1 1/2" diam. Features: Made of strong, comfortable braided cotton Attaches to most cable machines with a clip Extra-long 40” length to increase range-of-motion Black

Single Tricep <<strong>st</strong>rong>Rope</<strong>st</strong>rong>

Single Tricep <strong>Ropestrong>

Best Seller. This cable attachment allows for more dynamic movement than a solid piece. Black. 15" L x 1 1/4" diam. Features: 15" L x 1 1/4" diam. Cable attachment allows for a more dynamic workout Strong, black nylon <strong>ropestrong> with rubber stoppers

Ju<strong>st</strong> Jump

Just Jump

Just Jump offers multiple test modes for testing not only vertical jump height to an accuracy of 1/10th of an inch, but other performance factors. Simply stand on the mat with your feet together and jump, and the system calculates your vertical jump height by measuring the time that your feet are not in contact with the mat. The hand-held, battery-operated unit displays maximum height attained and "hang time" for one jump. It also calculates average height plus ground time for four jumps, computes explosive leg power, and can compute foot quickness (shuttle runs and dashes). Records up to 60 jumps.The Just Jump vertical jump tester consists of a square jumping pad (28") and a hand-held, battery-powered computer unit. Features: Hand-held, computerized digital display Operates on a single 9-...

Versa <strong>St</strong>eps

Versa Steps

Best Seller. Arrange these small, colorful, air-filled balance trainer domes in a number of configurations to suit a wide variety of athletic needs. Domes are double-sided for increased versatility. Place them flat side down for a basic challenge or pebble side down for a more advanced challenge. The textured surface helps keep your feet from slipping during your workout, and is also useful for motor skill development. Soft PVC is burst resistant up to 300 lbs. 6 1/2" diam. x 3 1/2" H. Ships inflated. Includes carry bag and 6 VersaSteps. Features: Burst resistant up to 300 lbs. Includes carry bag and 6 VersaSteps Soft PVC Colors may vary 6 1/2" diam. x 3 1/2" H Ships inflated Great for balance training and motor skill development Ideal for personal training or rehabilitation Usable on both...

Options: Set of 6 w/ Carry Bag

Single Grip Handle <strong>St</strong>rap

Single Grip Handle Strap

The all-purpose Single Grip Handle Strap is used primarily for one-arm movements. It clips easily to cable machines for quick and versatile use with a variety of workouts. Usually used with the cable cross machine, a standard fixture in the majority of gyms. Plastic, padded handles. Black. Nylon. 10" L x 5 1/2" W. Features: Heavy nylon strap 10" L x 5 1/2" W Plastic handle with padded, neoprene grips and plastic end caps

<strong>St</strong>retch Out <strong>St</strong>rap with Chart

Stretch Out Strap with Chart

Best Seller. The ten loops on the 72" long nylon strap allow you to progressively stretch the major muscle groups of the body. Start with a light stretch and work your way down the strap to a deep, full body stretch. Green. Heavy-duty nylon. 72" L x 1" W. 1 lb. Made in the USA. Includes chart. Also available with book. Features: Durable nylon strap lets you pull through a full range-of-motion 10 fixed loops provide more static stretching Chart to show you the p<strong>ropestrong>r way to use the Stretch Out Strap

Premium Revolving 20" <strong>St</strong>raight Bar

Premium Revolving 20" Straight Bar

Best Seller. Premium Cable Attachments are all made from top quality steel with brushed nickel finish. Bars allow for more concentrated movement than a <strong>ropestrong> attachment. Ergonomic Thermoplastic Rubber handgrips are textured for greater comfort and safety. Features: Top quality steel bar with sleek brushed nickel finish Ergonomic hand-grips are textured for added comfort and safety Designed for all cable machines 2-year limited warranty 20" Length Revolving

Resi<strong>st</strong>ance Training <strong>St</strong>ation

Resistance Training Station

The wall mounted Resistance Training Station allows for multiple connection points for resistance tubing or strength bands (all sold separately). You can perform strength, agility or power movements with this product. The 2 stations allow for up to twelve connection points for single or multi-person workout. Mounting hardware is not included. Features: 12 connection points Includes 2 straps and 2 carabineers Dimensions: Two pieces- 2" W x 34" L x 1/8" thick Black metal

Options: Wall Mount

<strong>St</strong>andard  1 Inch Spring Collar

Standard 1 Inch Spring Collar

Best Seller. These 1" steel spring collars fit a standard size bar NOT an Olympic size bar. Comfortable push tabs for easy grip and operation. Sold in a pair. Features: 1" diameter- does NOT fit Olympic size bars Standard size steel Black plastic tabs Sold in a pair

Small <strong>St</strong>orage Rack for BOSU PRO

Small Storage Rack for BOSU PRO

Store and relocate BOSU out of the way in your facility. Small rack holds up to eight BOSU balance trainers. Gray, welded steel. Locking casters for easy transport. Fits through a standard doorway. Sold alone or as a kit including six BOSU balance trainers. Larger rack also available. 21.5"L x 24"W x 72"H. Features: Stores up to 8 BOSU balance trainers Fits through standard doors Racks feature locking casters Small storage rack w/ 6 Pro BOSU Balance Trainers 21.5"L x 24"W x 72"H

Options: Rack ONLY | Rack with 6 BOSU Pros

Power Sy<strong>st</strong>ems Power Wheel

Power Systems Power Wheel

NEW DESIGN! The Power Wheel is designed to boost your upper body power as well as develop a firm and stable core. The Power Wheel moves in any direction to work your whole core and utilize range of motion. Comfortable, durable PVC hand grips and sturdy plastic foot stirrups with adjustable nylon straps and rubber loops. Can be used with hands or feet in the stirrups. Assembly required. 14" diameter wheel. Features: Provides an intense workout to improve strength and balance Challenges abs, back, obliques, glutes and upper body Smooth rolling, multi-directional wheel Foot pedal provides intense workout versatility

Premium Dumbbell <strong>St</strong>orage Rack

Premium Dumbbell Storage Rack

NEW FOR 2023 - updated design and robust materials! We've added a reinforced base, thicker gauge steel, larger, lockable casters, and a matte black finish to this studio class staple. Keep your Black Neoprene or Vinyl Dumbbells off the floor and out of the way. Removable steel bar slides into place to lock dumbbells into rack when not in use (lock not included). Casters allow you to move the entire rack full of dumbbells out of the way when they are not in use. Assembly required. Dumbbells sold separately. Ships freight carrier. Kits also available. Features: Removable solid steel bar that slides into place to lock dumbbells when not in use (lock not included) Steel construction Holds up to 44 pairs of dumbbells - kits available Heavy-duty casters for easy movement 36”L x 24”W x 42”H Matte...

Options: RACK ONLY

PowerForce Hanging Bag with <strong>St</strong>and

PowerForce Hanging Bag with Stand

Perfect way to utilize a hanging bag when you don't have a way to suspend heavy weight from the ceiling. Stand holds bags of various lengths and weights. Solid steel construction. Large footprint for stability. Assembly required. 50 lb. bag included - heavier bags sold separately. Features: Rack is 41.5" W x 54" L x 94" H Rack is 92.4 lbs. Gray steel rack features wheels for easy transport Bag is 42" L x 12" D Bag is 50 lbs. Black, PVC-covered bag Includes chains for hanging

Options: PowerForce Hanging Bag with Stand

PowerForce Heavy Bag <strong>St</strong>and

PowerForce Heavy Bag Stand

The ultimate heavy bag stand. Holds bags of various lengths and weights. Solid steel construction. Large footprint for stability. Assembly required. Bags sold separately, 50 and 100 lbs available. Features: 41.5" W x 54" L x 106" H 500 lb capacity Bag not included 92.4 lbs Wheels for easy transport Gray steel

Options: PowerForce Heavy Bag Stand

<strong>St</strong>udio Premium Kettlebell Rack

Studio Premium Kettlebell Rack

Perfect for personal training studios or small spaces. Keep up to twelve kettlebells organized and off the floor with this 3-tier rack. The rubber mats on the shelves reduce noise when putting the kettlebells away and protects them from additional wear and tear. The back lip on each shelf of the rack prevents your kettlebells from falling through. Power Systems kettlebells are sold separately. Some assembly required. 31" L x 23" deep x 33" H. Features: Holds up to 12 kettlebells Steel construction Black/Gray 31" L x 23" deep x 33" H

Pro Maxima PLR-150 Olympic Bench Press w/ Spotter <strong>St</strong>and and Weight <strong>St</strong>orage

Pro Maxima PLR-150 Olympic Bench Press w/ Spotter Stand and Weight Storage

ALL WEB ORDERS WILL BE BLACK/BLACK - BLACK PAINT WITH BLACK UPHOLSTRY. FOR ALL OTHER OPTIONS CALL OR EMAIL US DIRECTLY. This product ships directly from the manufacturer. Estimated delivery is 4-6 weeks. Features: Workout focuses on Upper Body. Angle bar catches with high resistant wear surface. 2" x 3" Heavy wall steel. Angle bar catches w/high resistant wear surface. 40 oz. Seamless Upholstery, bacteria free. Safety pegs for multi height racking. Custom rubber feet with bolt down holes. Non-skid spotter stands. Weight plate storage with protective coating. Powder coat finish. 65" L x 68" W x 48" H 212 lbs Shipping and Installation are additional and you will be contacted by one of our Business Development Representatives to arrange them.

Jacobs Ladder <strong>St</strong>airway

Jacobs Ladder Stairway

The Stairway is a stair climbing cardio machine designed specifically for the commercial environment. The unique design offers a rotating staircase where the speed of the stairs is controlled by the tension of the waist belt (which is identical to Jacobs Ladder). The higher you go, the faster the stairs come, so you are always in control of your speed.The cardio machine is self-powered so there is no need for a wall plug. The ceiling height requirement is 8.5 feet and the width is 30.5”, so you can place it where most stair climbers won’t fit. The display gives Stairs Climbed, Rate (steps/min), Elapsed Time, Calorie Burn and Heart Rate (with wireless strap). Initial step height of 11” is among the lowest on the market. Dimensions: 59”L 75”H 30.5”W 355 lbs. This item ships directly from the...

Original Health Club <strong>St</strong>ep Platform Only

Original Health Club Step Platform Only

Best Seller. Platform only. Rubberized deck and slip resistant bottom. Features: Rubberized deck and slip resistant bottom Black/Gray Risers sold separately Weight limit 400 lbs 40" L x 14" W Cannot be sold outside the US.

Options: Gray

Original Health Club <strong>St</strong>ep Riser Only

Original Health Club Step Riser Only

Best Seller. Risers only! Sold in pairs. Black/Gray to match the platform of the Original Health Club Step. 7 lbs. Features: Sold in pairs Each riser is 2" H. Cannot be sold outside the US.

Options: Black Risers

Long Jump Te<strong>st</strong>er

Long Jump Tester

This portable, shock-absorbing mat takes the guesswork out of testing. Made of flex rubber to cushion landing, prevent sliding. Features: 167" L x 22" W x 1/4" thick Rolls for easy storage Clear screened markings indicate distance traveled from 24" to 144" in 1/2" increments Black

Premium Dumbbell <strong>St</strong>orage Rack w/ 44 Black Neoprene Pairs DB

Premium Dumbbell Storage Rack w/ 44 Black Neoprene Pairs DB

NEW FOR 2023 - updated design and robust materials! We've added a reinforced base, thicker gauge steel, larger, lockable casters, and a matte black finish to this studio class staple Kit of Premium Black Neoprene Dumbbells and Premium Dumbbell Storage Rack. Rack with sturdy metal tray supports up to 44 pairs of dumbbells. Removable solid steel bar slides into place to lock dumbbells when not in use (lock not included). Steel construction. Assembly required. To customize your dumbbell set additional costs apply. Please call for a price quote. Features: Ships via Freight carrier Matte black steel Heavy-duty casters included Set of 44 pairs of Black Neoprene Dumbbells: 5 pairs of 1lb.; 7 pairs of 2lb.; 10 pairs of 3lb.; 8 pairs of 5lb.; 7 pairs of 8lb. and 7 pairs of 10lb. 36”L x 24”W x 42”H

Options: Rack with Black Neoprene DB

Brower TCi Timing Sy<strong>st</strong>em with Smartphone Connectivity

Brower TCi Timing System with Smartphone Connectivity

BRAND NEW! The Track and Speed Evaluation system is the latest development from Brower Timing Systems. This system utilizes the Brower Timing TCi-System. The TCi-System is a wireless timing device that enables athletes and coaches to measure time, speed, count repetitions, input test data and save it all in the TCi-Timer memory. The TCi-System can send radio transmissions up to 800 feet and is accurate to the thousandth of a second, making it a highly precise timing tool. It is also equipped with five different radio frequencies allowing multiple Brower systems to be used in the same area. With Brower Timing’s dedication to portability, all components of the TCi-System have been designed to fit neatly into a small lumbar pack. Made in the USA. Two year limited warranty. Batteries included....

<strong>St</strong>udio Dumbbell Rack

Studio Dumbbell Rack

Our most space-efficient studio or functional training storage solution for a full run of our new Urethane Cardio Dumbbells, Urethane Dumbbells, and some smaller weights of the popular Rubber Octagonal Dumbbells. Holds up to 10 pairs of dumbbells, 1- 30 lbs for the Rubber Octagonal, 3-25 lbs for the Urethane Cardio, and any of the Urethane Dumbbells. Larger dumbbells may not fit, some configurations of our dumbbells with larger weights may not fit. Sturdy steel construction with stylish black powder coat finish. Cradles have a rubber cushion to protect dumbbells and dampen noise. Rubber feet protect floors and stabilize rack. 27" W x 50"H x 31" D. 62 lbs. Black. Dumbbells sold separately. Features: Small footprint utilizes vertical space Holds up to 20 individual dumbbells (10 pair) Sized ...

Options: RACK ONLY

<strong>St</strong>anding Mat Rack

Standing Mat Rack

The dual sided design makes it the perfect storage companion for the Power Systems Hanging Club Mats or Premium Hanging Club Mats. The ten" prongs will hold up to fourteen mats on each side. Small footprint is great for spaces that lack both floor and wall space. Steel. Gray/Black. 30" L 29" W x 79" H. Mats sold separately. Features: Great if you have vertical space, but not floor or wall space Prongs on both sides 10-inch prongs fit the hanging rings in our Hanging Mats Space between posts is 19.5" Holds up to 14 mats on each side

Options: Rack Only

Elite <strong>St</strong>ability Ball Wall <strong>St</strong>orage Rack

Elite Stability Ball Wall Storage Rack

The rack is made of metal and hangs on the wall to keep stability balls organized and readily accessible. The open design of the rack displays the balls so they can easily be identified by color or size. Assembly required. Mounting hardware not included. Balls not included. 99 inches long. Features: Gray metal design Holds up to 4 stability balls 96” OC holes

<strong>St</strong>andard 1 Inch Lock-Jaw Barbell Collar

Standard 1 Inch Lock-Jaw Barbell Collar

The Lock-Jaw Standard barbell collar features a solid nylon resin frame and injection molded pressure pads, making it nearly unbreakable. The single-action cam lock securely clamps the collar once positioned on the bar. Lock-Jaw collars will withstand the toughest workout environments. Same design as the Olympic version, but fits the standard (1/25 mm) bars and NOT the 2" Olympic bars. 4 oz. per set. Features: Fits any standard style bar (1") Single-action cam lock securely clamps on the bar Solid nylon resin frame and injection molded pressure pads

Black Chrome <strong>St</strong>irrup Handle

Black Chrome Stirrup Handle

Sleek, new update on a classic! Top quality steel constructed with a black chrome finish. Features diamond patterned knurling that allow for a solid and consistent grip without being abrasive. The universal design fits most cable machines. Nine attachments available. Rack and kit options. Features: Diamond patterned knurling for better grip Clean, modern color pallete

Premium <strong>St</strong>ability Ball Rack Black

Premium Stability Ball Rack Black

Best Seller - now in Black! Rack is composed of a tubular steel frame with 9" diameter metal rings and holds up to three stability balls. Top level holds balls up to 85 cm., other levels hold balls up to 65 cm. Some assembly required. Stability balls sold separately. Features: Holds up to 3 stability balls Top level holds balls up to 85 cm., other levels hold balls up to 65 cm. Tubular steel frame with metal rings: 9" diameter Black 63" H x 20" W

Options: Black Rack Only

Nylon Ankle/Wri<strong>st</strong> <strong>St</strong>rap

Nylon Ankle/Wrist Strap

Best Seller. The wide, nylon band is lined with a neoprene pad for extra comfort. Velcro closure keeps the strap secure and allows for size adjustments. Quick and easy D-ring attachment for quick attachment to any cable machine. Features: Heavy nylon strap with thick neoprene pad for comfort 2"W x 16"L Velcro closure to keep it secure Quick and easy D-ring attachment for quick attachment to any cable machine