Ball Base Sale

Ball Base

Your exercise ball has far more uses than you think. Extend its usefulness both in and out of the gym with our Power Systems brand Ball Base.

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Pro Maxima FW113 Competition Power Rack w/ Wide Angle Base

Designed for use in competitions. The power rack includes a wide angle, open-face base for stability.


Pro Maxima FW163 Competition Power Rack w/ Wide Angle Base and Weight Storage Rack

Designed for use in competitions. This power rack is a preferred choice for power lifters everywhere. Includes band attachments and weight storage.


Olympic Bar Holder

Vertically store bars on an Olympic Bar Holder. Each of the six 8-1/2" sleeves protects bars with PVC inserts and the weighted steel base prevents tipping.

Functional Training Board Sale

Functional Training Board

…surface with 8 notches to accommodate resistance tubing. Raised handholds on each side of the top allow for multiple push-up positions. Steel X-shaped base provides stable support. A simple pull of the pop-pin and rotation of the base allows for several levels of instability to fit most users.

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Portable AlignaBod

Backdrop grid for posture assessment. Easy and fast setup with no tools required. Quality vinyl backdrop for durability. Includes posture assessment booklet and poster showing correct posture and deviations, vinyl carrying case, aluminum base and extension rods.

Foam Vault Box Sale

Foam Vault Box

…is covered with black vinyl to eliminate any sharp edges and minimize injury risk. The unique wedge shaped box is larger at the bottom for a sturdy base to withstand being hit. The Vault Box can also be turned on its' side for other training exercises. Features: * Sturdy, durable foam construction…

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Quick Cone Hurdle Set Sale

Quick Cone Hurdle Set

…drills by allowing for three adjustable hurdle heights. This hurdle set adds variety to foot-speed and agility drills. Cone height quickly adjusts to 3", 5", or 7"; wide base measures 11-1/2". Multiple set-up options let you create different patterns for developing quick foot lift and control.

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Elite Standing Rack

…tubing and jump ropes while storing the equipment neatly in one place. 14 prongs hold up to 100 tubes or 400 standard jump ropes. Stable circular base with 4 casters for mobility. Steel construction. Assembly required. Instructions included. Gray. 28" W x 74" H. Prongs: 6". 50 lbs. Tubing and jump…

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Freestyle Landmine

…rows, deadlifts, presses, squats, and more. The strong base is 7" thick and slides easily into stacked 45 lb. plates for stability. Made from 7-gauge steel it can withstand the rigors of an intense gym setting. Black powder coated steel. Base post 7 in. L x 48 mm. diam. Pivot sleeve 10 in x 51 mm.…

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Harbinger 5" Foam Core Belt Small

…stabilizing support to help you complete your workouts -- and keep coming back for more! The extra wide 5” belt features a proprietary foam core base, encircled by a 3” support strap and steel roller buckle that tension tight to engage your abdominal cavity and support your lower back. Premium…

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Reebok Stability Ball 55 cm

…regular use environments, especially studios. Used within fitness routines to improve overall strength and stability, the weighted stability ball base adds an extra challenge to a normal gymball workout. This feature also ensures the ball doesn't roll away during exercise. Anti-burst technology is…

$41.40 - $51.75

BOSU Sport 50cm Balance Trainer Blue

…redesigned BOSU Sport 50 cm. Balance Trainer, a smaller version of the original BOSU Balance Trainer (65cm), is constructed with the same rim and base style. The sleek, compact design of the BOSU Sport 50cm Balance Trainer allows for easy transportation and storage, quick positioning for any type…

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Vertical Bumper Plate Storage

Portable, space-saving bumper plate storage. Keep bumper plates off the floor and organized. Black, X-shaped steel base with four locking casters is sturdy enough to support up to 800 lbs. Chrome center post is 32" H and resists scratches and scuff marks. Easily roll this vertical plate stacker out…


Dolphin Wireless Stopwatch Timing System

…watches per lane - the system supports up to 3 lane timers per lane & up to 10 lanes * Starter unit for synchronized manual or electronic starts * Base unit, which connects via USB cable to your laptop running Hy-Tek Meet Manager & Dolphin Software * Dolphin Software Who can use the Dolphin?…

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