Barbells Weight Plates

Urethane Plate

…transition on and off Olympic/ 2" diameter barbells. Black. Six sizes available, from 2.5 to 45 lbs, with the weights clearly marked in white. Sold individually. Olympic bar and collars sold separately. Features: * Unique beveled edges make the plate easy to pick up * Designated gripping locations…

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$10.03 - $145.92

Standard CardioBarbell Set 2.5 lbs. Plate

The Standard CardioBarbell Set is an adjustable barbell system ideal for full-body workouts.

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$5.58 - $17.27
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Reebok Pump Set

…outer, the weight set plates are designed with function and ergonomics in mind. Built for use on the bar or alone, the versatile plates have dual functionality with a cut-out inner section providing a natural grip for dumbbell style exercises. Including two twist-lock collars, the weight set is…

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Mini Body Bar

The Body Bar Mini series are shorter versions of The Body Bar Classic. They can add variety to group, Pilates, yoga, martial arts, or individual exercise when weighted resistance is desired for unilateral and bilateral training. Ideal for independent arm movements.

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$34.70 - $42.22
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Pro Olympic Plates

Add Power Systems Pro Olympic Plates are top-level barbell weights designed to take you barbell workout to the next level.

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$5.58 - $62.50
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Olympic Grip Plates Sale

Olympic Grip Plates

Looking for professional-quality plates for your weight room? Power Systems' cast iron Olympic Grip Plates offer a unique 3-grip design for easier loading and versatility.

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$5.36 - $66.93 $7.65 - $95.62
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VTX Premium Bumper Plates

Premium Bumper Plates are designed for Olympic style platform lifts. Each solid rubber bumper plate is the same diameter as an Olympic 45 lb. weight plate. Brass insert reinforces hole and protects bars.

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$128.74 - $253.98

Rubber Standard Plate

Create barbells with standard rubber weight plates from Power Systems.

$5.58 - $17.27
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Machine Add-On Weight

Machine Add-On Weights-build strength by adding incremental weights to selectorized weight machines & dumbbells. Rubber-coated solid cast iron weights.

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$12.10 - $17.27
Bumper Plate Sale

Bumper Plate

Bumper Plates in a clean black color palette with weights measured in pounds.

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$72.50 $96.66
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ProElite Pump Plate

…ProElite Cardio Pump plate design features a unique beveled edge with designated grip locations that form a polygon. The beveled edge keeps the weighted barbell from rolling away while not in use. The inner stainless steel ring increases the overall durability of the plates while allowing for quick…


Olympic Plate Rack

Keep your workout floor clear, store weight plates on an Olympic Plate Rack.Has horizontal storage to easily slide plates on 7 posts. 28"L x 15"W x 36.5"H

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Horizontal Plate Rack

Keep your workout floor clear, store weight plates on Horizontal Plate Rack. Has horizontal storage to easily slide plates on 7 posts. 28"L x 15"W x 36.5"H

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Olympic Bumper Plate

Inner stainless steel ring surround by all-rubber design creates increased durability. Sound dampening rubber construction creates top-tier shock absorption and limits rebounds. Olympic Colored Bumper Plates featuring competition colors and weights.

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$58.98 - $123.57

Diamond Pro Bumper Plate

Power Systems Diamond Pro Bumper Plates are strong, dependable and used by trainers and competitive lifters alike.

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$18.22 - $100.31
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