Barbell Cover

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Harbinger Olympic Bar Pad- 16"

…specifically to fit Olympic bars, this Harbinger bar pad features 15mm of Neotek foam core for long lasting protection. The suede Comfort Tech cover is plush against skin and easy to clean with soap and water. One size for Olympic bars. Features: * 15mm Neotek foam core * Designed for Olympic…

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Bar Wrap Pad

Protect your cervical spine while you back squat with a Bar Wrap Pad. This black, quality 1" nylon-covered foam pad with Velcro closure measures 16" long.

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Circle Fitness 7000 – Indoor Cycle

…match with SKF 6004 bearings. * S 38C hi-carbon steel cold forged in a 4 spider, heat treated to fix 5/8” pedals cranks. * Plastic with pop cover right cover. * Hutchinson / France 5PK belt. * 5/8” SPD E003 seal bearing pedals with toe clip and straps chromoly axle. * Dual functions magnetic device…


Reebok Pump Set

…quick and easy to load; keeping your exercise transitions sharp. Features: * Steel bar with marked template for guided form * Plates are cast iron covered with TPU * Plates can be used on bar or alone, utilizing the cut-out inner section for grip * Patented twist-lock collars * Set: 1 25mm steel…

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Related Categories Olympic Bar Collars | Bar Collars