Bar With Weights

Sport Series - Athletic Trainer Treadmill

…and changes back-lit colors as heart-rate changes * HIIT Training With Sled Bar – Ideal for multi-athlete and circuit training, featuring an integrated Sled Bar * Dual Training System – Dual resistance shifters control weighted and magnetic flywheels * Fixed Incline – Incline is fixed at 7 or 11…

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Maxx Bench Flat Bench with Wheel Set

The World's Safest Bench, a revolutionary free weight bench with patented gravity release technology featuring a foot lever that lowers the lifter while placing the loaded barbell safely on the rack.

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Urethane Plate

…and easy transition on and off Olympic/ 2" diameter barbells. Black. Six sizes available, from 2.5 to 45 lbs, with the weights clearly marked in white. Sold individually. Olympic bar and collars sold separately. See it in a room! Our Strength Training Room 3D rendering examples will give you a…

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$10.63 - $154.68

Olympic Bar Holder

Vertically store bars on an Olympic Bar Holder. Each of the six 8-1/2" sleeves protects bars with PVC inserts and the weighted steel base prevents tipping.


Pro Bar Wrap Pad

Doing squats or other exercises with a weight bar is great for your legs, but not so great for your neck and shoulders. Protect them with Power Systems' Pro Bar Wrap Pad.

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Circle Fitness 6000 – Elliptical

…user weight of 400 lbs. * 20” natural stride length. * 16 level resistance range. * 22 lbs. fly wheel. * Smooth Motion Technology motion type. * Contact and telemetric heart rate sensors. * CE and generator UL regulatory approvals. * 18 x 16 dot matrix with message window + HR status bar display…

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Versa Bar Aerobic Bar Prime

Keep your weight training classes moving with the Versabar from Power Systems, with no need to load and unload plates.

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$26.91 - $90.83

Training Plate Black

…Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting programs. Power Systems Training Plates are available in 7 weight options, from 2.5 to 55 lbs. Black. Olympic colors also available. Sold individually. Racks, bars, and collars sold separately. See it in a room! Our Athletic Strength Room, Strength Training…

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$17.69 - $164.29

Circle Fitness 6000 – Treadmill with DC Motor

…20” W prewaxed and lubricant-infused belt. * 0-15% Incline Range. * 0.5-12.5 MPH Speed Range. * Up to 400 lbs. user weight capacity. * Transport wheels make product easy to move with front mounted wheels without elevating. * Contact and telemetric heart rate sensors. * Time, distance, heart rate,…

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Maxx Bench Olympic Flat Bench

…Bench without the heavy duty Olympic rack with weight storage also available. FEATURES: Maxx Bench Olympic Flat Bench * Gravity release safety technology * Adjustable height * Automatic bench return * Heavy duty Olympic rack with weight storage * 850 lb. weight rating * Dimensions: 65""W x 72""D x…

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Bar Wrap Pad

Protect your cervical spine while you back squat with a Bar Wrap Pad. This black, quality 1" nylon-covered foam pad with Velcro closure measures 16" long.

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Multi Grip Bar

Reduce stress on shoulder joints and wrists during presses using a Multi Grip Bar with 3 ergonomic, knurled hand grip options. Length: 84" Sleeve: 15 1/4"

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Aerobic Bar Vertical Storage Rack RACK with VersaBars

Stay organized with a Aerobic Bar Vertical Storage Rack, storing up to 24 bars or pvc pipes, body bars or Cardio Barbells for use in group fitness classes.

$169.65 - $601.63

Body Bar Storage Rack

Keep your Body Bars off of the floor and organized with the Body Bar Storage Rack.

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ProElite Pump Sets w/ Lock-Jaw Collars and Racks Storage Rack Only (10 Set)

Designed to provide your group fitness classes a bar and plate set that is superior in quality and versatility. The plate design features a unique beveled edge with designated grip locations that form a polygon design.

$325.24 - $3,829.49
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