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Rocker and Wobble Boards

Effective tools for proprioceptive and rehabilitative exercise. Rocker Board moves in one directional plane, and Wobble Boards move in multiple planes. Rocker Board has a larger square design for beginners; Wobble Boards have a smaller round design for intermediate and advanced users and adjust to…

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$79.99 - $314.99

Versa Disc Purple

The Power Systems VersaDisc balance disc can help you enhance your balance and avoid injury

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$19.99 - $24.99
4 Reviews

Step360 Pro

…adjustable height and the added bonus of instability. The Step360 Pro brings a full 360º experience to your workouts, designed to improve the body's balance and stability on any side of the step. Customize the difficulty of your workout by adding or reducing the air in each individual chamber. Use…

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2 Reviews

Versa Balance Board

Train your stabilizers on VersaBalance Board! Two settings for varying difficulty. Has notches to incorporate tubes for strength training. High quality PVC.

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1 Review

BOSU® Pro Balance Trainer

Make every workout more challenging by adding balance with the BOSU Pro Balance Trainer

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$152.39 - $159.99
2 Reviews

Bosu® Sport 50cm Balance Trainer

The redesigned BOSU Sport 50 cm. Balance Trainer, a smaller version of the original BOSU Balance Trainer (65cm), is constructed with the same rim and base style. The sleek, compact design of the BOSU Sport 50cm Balance Trainer allows for easy transportation and storage, quick positioning for any…

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Combo Board

The Combo Board, a versatile balance training product for all skill levels. Fulcrums provide varying levels of difficulty. Velcro fasteners securely attach each piece. Birch wood with nonskid top.


Versa Balance Log

The VersaBalance Log offers two balancing options. Use the flat side down for a more stable surface or rounded side down for a more unstable and challenging surface. Textured surface prevents slipping.

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BOSU® Home Balance Trainer

Add versatility and challenge to workouts with a BOSU Balance Trainer from Power Systems.

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1 Review

Versa Balance Pad

Add the Power Systems Versa Balance Pad to your body weight strength training workout—the only fitness training equipment you need!

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2 Reviews

Halo Trainer

The Halo Trainer allows exercisers to control the level of stability while using the product alone or with a stability ball or BOSU ballast ball.

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2 Reviews

AIREX Balance Pad XL

The destabilizing properties of the super-soft specialty foam, used in the Balance Pad, are suitable for increasing strength, stamina, differentiation, and coordination.

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Versa Steps

Train for balance and motor skill development with balance training exercises using Power Systems' VersaSteps.

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1 Review

AIREX Balance Pad

Improve balance and increase core strength with an AIREX balance pad from Power Systems.

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$62.99 - $77.39

BOSU NEXGEN Pro Balance Trainer

BRAND NEW! The BOSU NEXGEN Pro Balance Trainer – Functionality Meets Performance. Featuring an updated design for new exercises and usage, the textured dome allows for more precise body positioning and targeted cueing for cardio, agility, strength, core, balance, and mobility exercises and drills.…

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