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Aqua Fitness

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Water Noodle

A staple for Aquatic Aerobics class, Water Noodles provides buoyancy, durability, and versatility for pool exercises-core, upper body and legs. 10 per case.


Water Flotation Belt

Gently condition the body in shallow or deep water with Flotation Belts. Flotation belts help maintain a vertical position & reduce lower back stess.

Water Dumbbells Sale

Water Dumbbells

Take your traditional dumbbell underwater with Power Systems brand water dumbbells.

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Water Ankle Cuffs

Water Cuffs-designed to be worn on the ankles & each cuff features a fully adjustable strap & fastening clip to secure it around the ankle & under the foot

Kickboard Plus

Oversized, shield shaped kickboard adds more control and buoyancy to your aqua fitness training. Curved and ridged underside adds stability.

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BKP Pump 1hp

Economical units for cleaning mid-sized pools.


WaterFit Treadmill

The newest trend in fitness is aquatic fitness. This European-influenced versatile treadmill uses water as a natural form of resistance. Designed to tone and shape legs and buttocks, improve joint flexibility, and improve cardiovascular fitness; the treadmill provides an effective, low-impact…


Pace Clock Pro

Features 15 training modes to fine-tune skills and create customized workouts.

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Motion Trek/ Freedom/Aspen Cover

The optional PVC/texturized polyester safety cover protects pool lifts from unauthorized use and from environmental elements. The cover includes a warning sign clearly visible from the pool/spa deck. Blue.



The Kickboard provides stability and buoyancy for water exercises and laps in the pool. Constructed of strong, durable closed-cell foam.

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Motion Trek 350

The Motion Trek 350 is an ADA compliant battery powered lift that is self-operable from the deck and water with a robust operating system. The Motion Trek 350 is designed for in-ground pools and spas.


Anchor Kit for Aspen/Freedom

Aspen/Freedom pool lift anchor with lid and key. Stainless steel bonding screw provided. 6" deep. Fabricated of glass filled polypropylene Features: * Includes lid and key * Six inches deep * Screw provided


Battery for Aspen 350

This battery pack is designed to operate our 24VDC pool lift actuators and utilizes a wired connection to connect to the receiver. This design enhancement limits exposed parts and corrosion.


Bar Float

The Long Water Dumbbell is a 25" version of the original. It features triple floats at each end & offers stable, secure buoyancy for added resistance.

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Portable Freedom 300

The Portable Freedom is an ADA compliant battery powered lift that is self-operable from the deck and the water with a robust operating system.

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