Add-on Weight

Machine Add-On Weight

Machine Add-On Weights-build strength by adding incremental weights to selectorized weight machines & dumbbells. Rubber-coated solid cast iron weights.

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$12.83 - $18.31

Horizontal Plate Rack

Keep your workout floor clear, store weight plates on Horizontal Plate Rack. Has horizontal storage to easily slide plates on 7 posts. 28"L x 15"W x 36.5"H

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Strength Band

Incorporate variety and flexibility into your routine with strength resistance bands.

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$11.40 - $78.32
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Lifting Chains Pairs

…as you move through your full range of motion. Use with bar or drape over shoulders during plyometric circuits. Features: * Gradually adds resistance throughout range of motion for barbell exercises * Sold in pairs * Each chain is 60" L * Collars are included in determining the weight of the chains

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Spartan Strength Band

…body weight for pull-ups and tricep dips. Great for increasing flexibility and range of motion. Available in seven resistance levels to train different muscle groups. Each closed loop band is 41 inches long and is made from seamless latex rubber designed to resist breakage. Width and weight of band…

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Jerk Blocks - DC Blocks The Flat Top

Same dimensions as DC Blocks - Original without the top bumper. These are designed to be the top section on a stack for increased comfort with box squats or for an increased landing or stance platform when performing plyometrics or other assistance exercises. Sold individually - DC Blocks - Original…

Jerk Blocks - DC Blocks The Original

The original, light-weight, portable, virtually indestructible, crenellated, interlocking pulling block. The Original is 19” long, 15.5” wide, 2” tall, and weighs a mere 10.5lbs. The standard for pulling from any position, easy to change configurations, and a small footprint for storage. Want to add…

$564.00 - $1,760.00

Jerk Blocks - DC Blocks Double Wide

Introducing DC Blocks Double-Wide! Coaches from all types of sports have asked for a larger pulling surface and a larger portable surface upon which to perform overhead lifts. The Double-Wide is 31” long, 19” wide, 2” tall, and weighs a mere 23lbs. If you already are a customer of DC Blocks, the…

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