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Machine Add-On Weight

Machine Add-On Weights-build strength by adding incremental weights to selectorized weight machines & dumbbells. Rubber-coated solid cast iron weights.

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Pro Maxima PL308 Oak Platform w/ Insert

This Oak platform with Oak insert is an excellent add-on for PL-300 and PL-500 Series racks and cages.

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Strength Band

Incorporate variety and flexibility into your routine with strength resistance bands.

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$11.40 - $78.32
27 Reviews

Horizontal Plate Rack

Keep your workout floor clear, store weight plates on Horizontal Plate Rack. Has horizontal storage to easily slide plates on 7 posts. 28"L x 15"W x 36.5"H

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Lifting Chains Pairs

Lifting chains provide a great workout. Each link offers additional resistance as you move through your full range of motion. Use with bar or drape over shoulders during plyometric circuits. Features: * Gradually adds resistance throughout range of motion for barbell exercises * Sold in pairs * Each…

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$122.95 - $200.33

Jerk Blocks - DC Blocks The Flat Top

Same dimensions as DC Blocks - Original without the top bumper. These are designed to be the top section on a stack for increased comfort with box squats or for an increased landing or stance platform when performing plyometrics or other assistance exercises. Sold individually - DC Blocks - Original…

Jerk Blocks - DC Blocks The Original

The original, light-weight, portable, virtually indestructible, crenellated, interlocking pulling block. The Original is 19” long, 15.5” wide, 2” tall, and weighs a mere 10.5lbs. The standard for pulling from any position, easy to change configurations, and a small footprint for storage. Want to add…

$564.00 - $1,760.00

Jerk Blocks - DC Blocks Double Wide

Introducing DC Blocks Double-Wide! Coaches from all types of sports have asked for a larger pulling surface and a larger portable surface upon which to perform overhead lifts. The Double-Wide is 31” long, 19” wide, 2” tall, and weighs a mere 23lbs. If you already are a customer of DC Blocks, the…

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$510.00 - $2,600.00