Water Flotation Belt

Gently condition the body in shallow or deep water with Flotation Belts. Flotation belts help maintain a vertical position & reduce lower back stess.

$26.90 - $28.97

Infinity Vest 6 lbs

An Infinity weighted workout vest adds resistance to your various fitness activities without hindering movement.

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$66.64 - $78.34
5 Reviews

Water Dumbbells

Take your traditional dumbbell underwater with Power Systems brand water dumbbells.

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$30.00 - $35.59
2 Reviews

Deluxe Vinyl Dumbbell

The Deluxe Vinyl Dumbbell is compact for convenient stacking and storage

$3.51 - $14.17
4 Reviews


Improve your yoga and Pilates alignment and poses with a Poz-A-Ball workout ball from Power Systems.

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3 Reviews

Slastix Toner Resistance Tubing

Slastix Toner Resistance Tubing uses new technology for a new era in resistance tubing

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$17.39 - $27.39
6 Reviews

Pilates Ring

A Pilates ring from Power Systems features varied resistance for firming upper arms and thighs.

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$22.76 - $30.00
2 Reviews

Versa Ball Stability Ball

Build Strength with a Stability Ball: A Must-Have Tool for Gym and Therapy Facilities.

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$22.76 - $31.04
4 Reviews

Premium Club Mats

Power Systems' Premium Club Mats give your clients the most comfortable and hygienic gym experience.

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$42.84 - $51.74
4 Reviews

Yoga Strap

Grasp onto limbs while sinking deeper into stretches with this soft, cotton yoga strap. Great for beginner or advanced practitioners to improve their poses

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$8.99 - $11.06


The Kickboard provides stability and buoyancy for water exercises and laps in the pool. Constructed of strong, durable closed-cell foam.

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kor Kettleball

Kor kettleball kettlebells are more user-friendly than traditional cast iron kettlebells.

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$51.74 - $123.15

Water Noodle

A staple for Aquatic Aerobics class, Water Noodles provides buoyancy, durability, and versatility for pool exercises-core, upper body and legs. 10 per case.

Versa Disc

The Power Systems VersaDisc balance disc can help you enhance your balance and avoid injury

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1 Review

Premium Versa Tube

Take strength and fitness to a new level with the Premium Versa-Tube Resistance Tube.

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$9.72 - $62.81
12 Reviews