6" Plyo Box

Plyo Boxes

Plyo Boxes

Plyometric training, or jump training, is popular with many different training methods and sports.
Plyo boxes come in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials to fit any facility or training style. Basic plyometric training has an athlete jump or step from the ground to the top of a raised surface, then back down to the ground.

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Foam Plyo Box 6"

Conquer progressive plyometric training! Our Foam Plyo boxes are available in five different heights, with a landing surface of 35 1/2" x 30".

$147.31 - $1,333.63
Power-Plyo Boxes 6" Single Unit Sale

Power-Plyo Boxes 6" Single Unit

Plyo boxes from Power Systems can help increase your athletic power with plyometrics.

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…- Weight 293 lbs. Features of the 180 XL: * Starting resistance of 160 lbs. * Plate loading ability up to 80 additional lbs.- Plates available! * 6 sound reducing bumpers * 2 battle rope anchor points * 4 floor levelers * 8 floor mounting points * Extended warranty * Measures 4'x5' - Weight 353…

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Power Systems Foam Plyo Box 6"

Each platform is covered with durable vinyl and can be stacked and secured with strong Velcro flaps on all four of the sides

$137.15 - $1,241.67
Functional Hex Plyo 6" Sale

Functional Hex Plyo 6"

…Sizes are clearly marked for ease of use. Sturdy, durable foam construction minimizes injury risk, while the non-slip vinyl casing keeps the box in place. Smaller footprint helps in areas with limited floor space or storage. Features: * Unique polygonal design for versatility * Non-slip…

$175.99 - $608.26 $293.31 - $608.26

The Stackable Step 6"

Stackable and Plyo Steps at Power Systems, Inc.

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$32.95 - $36.04

Slam Ball 6 lbs

The durable, high-quality completely rubberized Spartan Slam Ball is built to take a real beating! Smaller diameter than most slam balls, this quality no-bounce, no-roll ball has been specifically designed for high-impact throwing and slamming training exercises. Uniform gray with bright white…

$43.71 - $90.73
3 Reviews

Soft Touch Medicine Ball 6 lbs

Add resistance and interest to your workouts with a soft medicine ball from Power Systems

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$10.96 - $16.44
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Elite Power Medicine Ball Prime 6 lbs

The Elite Power Medicine Ball Prime features a textured grip surface and provides a strong, quick rebound for speed and power training.

$28.61 - $136.09
1 Review

Jerk Blocks - DC Blocks Double Wide Set of 6

…platform jerk box for athletes up to 5'3”; lifting from the clean power position for athletes up to 6'6”; snatch power position for athletes up to 6'; multiple platform applications. * DC Blocks Double-Wide - Set of 40 - Good for a large platform jerk box for athletes up to 6'; lifting from the…

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$510.00 - $2,600.00

6X Hurdle

Perform plyometric, speed and agility hurdle drills with 6X hurdles from Power Systems.

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Power Hurdle Single

Keep plyometrics training safe with Power Hurdles that collapse when hit. Height varies from 6" to coach new hurdlers to 42" for advanced track athletes.

$45.41 - $350.73

Battle Rope ST - BRST

…Rope and Mounts * 6 lb. handles * 10' L rope * 1.25 inch static nylon braided rope * Dual Function Upper Mount * Lower Mount Rope Dimensions 1.25 inch Diameter. 10 Foot Length Rope Weight 14 Lbs Handle Dimensions 7.5 x 6 inches. 1.6 inches thick Lower Mount Dimensions – 6.5 x 2 x 6 inches 2.4 lbs…

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Jerk Blocks - DC Blocks The Original Set of 12

…up to 6'6”; snatch power position for athletes up to 6'; multiple platform applications. * DC Blocks The Original - Set of 40 - Good for lifting from the snatch power position for athletes up to 6'6”; jerk boxes for athletes up to 6'; multiple platform applications. Best choice for outfitting…

$564.00 - $1,760.00


Sled train in limited space! SLED PUSHING is one of the most effective exercises today. It's a total body workout that improves strength, stamina, speed and power! Typically you need 40–50 yards of space to train. Not anymore! Now you only need 8 feet! All the benefits of sled training in a compact…

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