Double Versa Tube Extra Light Sale

Double Versa Tube Extra Light

Strength train with a 48" Double Versa-Tube. Choose from 6 resistance levels. PVC handles, durable tubing and double corded adding versatility to workouts.

$6.93 - $9.52 $13.86 - $19.03

Lifting Chains Pairs 48 lbs

Lifting chains provide a great workout. Each link offers additional resistance as you move through your full range of motion. Use with bar or drape over shoulders during plyometric circuits. Features: * Gradually adds resistance throughout range of motion for barbell exercises * Sold in pairs * Each…

$115.99 - $188.99

Hanging Club Mat 48"x24"x3/8"

Maintain a clean and productive environment with hanging workout mats.

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$33.52 - $45.22
1 Review

Premium Gym Mat 48"x24"x2"

A premium gym mat from Power Systems provides superior support for a wide range of exercises.

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$93.55 - $214.23
4 Reviews
Club Mats 48"x24"x3/8" Sale

Club Mats 48"x24"x3/8"

Cushion your clientele and protect your floors with Power Systems floor mats.

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$13.13 - $40.77 $28.97 - $40.77
2 Reviews
Power Chute 48"x48" Sale

Power Chute 48"x48"

Improve your speed with and train for resistance with the Power Chute from Power Systems.

$18.11 - $62.50 $51.74 - $62.50

Economy Club Mats 48"x24"x1/8"

Economy Club Mats are ideal workout mats for a variety of exercises.

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Spine Anchor System 48"

The vertical wall mount Spine has fixed rings every 6 inches to provide multiple heights for resistance training.

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$156.96 - $177.87

Premium Revolving 48" Lat Bar

Premium Revolving 48 In. Lat Bar–multiple textured ergonomic rubber handgrips to perform many exercises. Top-quality solid steel bar & chrome finish.

Black Chrome 48" Lat Bar

Shop for the Black Chrome 48" Lat Bar at Power Systems.

Power Systems Covered Tube 48"

Shop at Power Systems for the Power Systems 48" Covered Tube. Covered Resistance Tubes add durability and peace of mind to a fitness favorite!

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$12.99 - $17.99
2 Reviews

LifeFitness Double Cord - 48"

LifeFitness Double Tubes Resistance easily connect to the LifeFitness Synrgy360 system or Hammer Strength Heavy Duty Racks to allow exercisers to simulate movements performed on cable weight machines.

1 Review

Freestyle Landmine

…plates for stability. Made from 7-gauge steel it can withstand the rigors of an intense gym setting. Black powder coated steel. Base post 7 in. L x 48 mm. diam. Pivot sleeve 10 in x 51 mm. 5 lbs. Bar and plates sold separately. Features: * Portable, durable and versatile fitness tool * Powder coated…

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1 Review

Reebok Deck

…in size, can be easily transported and stored away. Features: * METRIC: 121.2 cm x 33 cm x 20 cm with 2 variable heights - 20 and 35.5 cm * US: 48 in x 13 in x 8 in with 2 variable heights - 8 and 14 in * Clips to attach resistance tubes for a varied workout * Incline/decline/flat has 3 position…

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