Versa Bar Aerobic Bars 4 lbs, 4' Sale

Versa Bar Aerobic Bars 4 lbs, 4'

The VersaBar body bar is ideal for core strength training, and for many other individual and group exercises.

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Body Bar 4 lbs, 4'

The Body Bar from Power Systems is the perfect solid steel, weighted fitness bar for all of your group aerobics classes or home use.

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Slam Ball 4 lbs

…Eight weights, from 4 to 30 lbs. Features: * Quality, durable construction to withstand years of heavy use * No-bounce design makes it perfect for plyometric slam ball exercises * Rubberized, textured surface to insure a superior grip * 8 different weight options, from 4 to 30 lbs. SKILLS TO…

$43.71 - $90.73
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RMT Club 4 lbs

Improves athletic movement, balance, coordination, and helps unify both sides of the body. It offers you a complete full body workout as well as the ability to focus on specific targeted areas.

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ViPR PRO 4 kg

Combine strength, stability, and agility training with ViPR Pro and Loaded Movement Training

$175.00 - $315.00

Dynamax Medicine Ball 4 lbs

Dynamax medicine balls have been considered among the safest exercise balls available because of their quality leather construction and high degree of padding. Build Dynamic Strength with Dynamax Medicine Balls.

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Power Rope Ball 4 lbs Sale

Power Rope Ball 4 lbs

Develop your rotational strength and overall power with the Power Rope Ball from Power Systems.

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Apple Vinyl Dumbbell 4 lbs Sale

Apple Vinyl Dumbbell 4 lbs

Perfect group fitness dumbbell! The shape of our Apple Vinyl Dumbbell prevents rolling and damaging flooring. Compact design allows for efficient storage.

$2.48 - $11.06 $4.13 - $11.06
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Mini Body Bar 4 lbs

The Body Bar Mini series are shorter versions of The Body Bar Classic. They can add variety to group, Pilates, yoga, martial arts, or individual exercise when weighted resistance is desired for unilateral and bilateral training. Ideal for independent arm movements.

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LifeFitness Medicine Ball 4 lbs

The incredibly durable LifeFitness Medicine Ball can be used to provide resistance for both static and dynamic exercises. The long-lasting textured surface makes it easy to hold, toss and catch.

$34.95 - $71.95

Power Hurdle Set of 4

Keep plyometrics training safe with Power Hurdles that collapse when hit. Height varies from 6" to coach new hurdlers to 42" for advanced track athletes.

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Ultra 4 Tier Med Ball Tower Sale

Ultra 4 Tier Med Ball Tower

Ultra 4 Tier Med Ball Tower efficient circular storage

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PoweRope Jump Rope 4 lbs, 9' Sale

PoweRope Jump Rope 4 lbs, 9'

Build stamina and strength with a PoweRope Jump Rope. Choose .5 to 4 lb weighted rope and lengths 8' to 10' long. Double unders get easy after you go heavy!

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Elite Power Medicine Ball 4 lbs Sale

Elite Power Medicine Ball 4 lbs

Perfect balance and durable construction guaranteed to retain its' shape. Durable, hollow, synthetic rubber with a textured surface that makes them easy to hold, toss, catch or bounce.

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