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36 Inch Foam Roller

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Premium EVA Foam Roller 36"x6", Round

Experience exceptional support with the Premium EVA Foam Roller from Power Systems.

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$19.41 - $39.92
16 Reviews

ProElite Competition Kettlebell 36 kg

Gain strength with durable ProElite competition kettlebells made by Power Systems.

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$46.83 - $288.52
3 Reviews

Pro Wrist Roller

Increase grip and forearm strength and exercise with a Pro Wrist Roller. Add a plate to the attachment and roll the plate up and down. 16" L x 11/2" thick.

Versa Bar Aerobic Bar Prime 36 lbs, 6'

Keep your weight training classes moving with the Versabar from Power Systems, with no need to load and unload plates.

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$26.91 - $90.83
2 Reviews

Mini Versa Loops 9 inch 10 Pack

New Smaller Size! Each resistance in a pack of 10. Our best selling Versa Loops in a size better suited for upper body exercises or use on recumbent bikes.

$23.02 - $35.10
4 Reviews

Standard 1 Inch Lock-Jaw Barbell Collar

This barbell collar features a solid nylon frame and fully encased pressure pins, making it the most durable resin collar available.

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Deliver deep tissue massage, SMR, with a Myo-Roller. The H shape allows for precision in targeting adhesions or knots leaving you with lengthened muscles.

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1 Review


Shop for deep tissue massagers at Power Systems, like the RumbleRoller foam roller that eases muscular pain and tightness.

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$46.56 - $72.44
3 Reviews

The Grid

After a hard workout, you can work the knots out of your muscles quickly and easily with The Grid foam roller.

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1 Review

Myo-Release Ball

foam roller, the Myo-Release Ball two sizes to hit different muscle groups and target different pressure points during self myofascial release. .Heat-sealed EVA foam construction maintains shape and resists moisture and bacteria. Lightweight and great for travel. Features: * Heat-sealed EVA foam

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$27.41 - $32.90
2 Reviews
HighBaller® Sale


The only twin-ball massager with width adjustable, angled massage balls used for self-myofascial release (SMR) and to loosen up stiff and tight muscles.

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$35.76 $89.41
3 Reviews
Pro Thigh Cinch Strap Sale

Pro Thigh Cinch Strap

Strap is 4 1/2 inch wide nylon with neoprene padding and large D-ring connector. Features: * 4 1/2"W nylon * Neoprene padding for comfort * D-right connector

$27.56 $36.74

Reebok Ab Wedge Mat

…high density foam construction keeps it firm for prolonged use. Suitable for everyone, every size and shape, the Reebok Ab Wedge Mat is a compact, portable workout tool that can be taken anywhere. • Designed to the natural curvature of the spine • Flat, non-slip base • High density foam with easy…

Round Edge Cork Yoga Block

…rounded edges and the firmness to support all levels of body weight poses. Made from sustainable, high quality cork that won't scuff or tear like foam yoga blocks. Featuring a neutral color that will fit into any studio or group fitness design aesthetic. 4” x 6” x 9”. Features: * Rounded edges for…

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Original Body Stick

Original Body Stick helps increase circulation to muscle fibers, & disperses lactic acid.

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