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36 Inch Foam Roller

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Closed Cell Foam Roller 36"x6"

Improve posture and alignment through muscle massage by implementing a closed cell foam roller into your workout.

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$20.17 - $23.47
2 Reviews
High Density Foam Roller 36", Half-round Sale

High Density Foam Roller 36", Half-round

Experience exceptional support with a High-Density Foam Roller from Power Systems.

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$3.74 - $22.37 $9.20 - $22.37
19 Reviews

Premium EVA Foam Roller 36"x6", Round

Experience exceptional support with the Premium EVA Foam Roller from Power Systems.

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$19.41 - $39.92
16 Reviews

GRID X Foam Roller

GRID X Foam Roller

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1 Review

Club Foam Roller Cart

Keep foam rollers clean and prolong their use with a Club Foam Roller Cart. Frees up floor space in group fitness rooms storing up to 24 - 6" diam rollers.

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Studio Foam Roller Cart

The storage solution for small gym space-Studio Foam Roller Cart. Vertically stores up to 12 rollers of 6" diam. Rack moves on casters for easy mobility.

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Wall Rack for Foam Rollers

…6" x 3' foam rollers. Foam rollers sold separately. Loads from the top, releases from the bottom. 36" W x 10" D x 40" H. 17 lbs. Made in the USA. Features: * Made of stainless steel construction * Stores up to six 6" x 3' foam rollers * Loads from the top-- removes from the bottom * 36" W x 10" D…

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Economy Wall Rack for Foam Rollers

Store up to six foam rollers on an Economy Wall Rack for Foam Rollers. Our economical, wall mounted rack is customizable to fit your space. Rollers not included

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Foam Vault Box Sale

Foam Vault Box

Foam Vault Box is three feet high for training your athletes to jump or vault over obstacles. The solid, sturdy foam is covered with black vinyl to eliminate any sharp edges and minimize injury risk. The unique wedge shaped box is larger at the bottom for a sturdy base to withstand being hit. The…

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$392.48 $667.03

Harbinger 5" Foam Core Belt

Functional and versatile, this 5" Foam Core Belt provides strong stabilizing support to help you complete your workouts -- and keep coming back for more! The extra wide 5” belt features a proprietary foam core base, encircled by a 3” support strap and steel roller buckle that tension tight to engage…

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1 Review

ProElite Competition Kettlebell 36 kg

Gain strength with durable ProElite competition kettlebells made by Power Systems.

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$46.83 - $133.51
3 Reviews

Core Roller

Build firmer and stronger abs fast with the Power Systems brand Core Roller.

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1 Review

RAM Roller

The recycled SPARTAN RAM is one of the most durable, versatile, effective and scalable training tools on the planet. The RAM is available in five weight options to get people of all ages and fitness levels involved in popular indoor/outdoor functional training programs. Trainers and coaches are…

$59.00 - $139.00

Standard 1 Inch Spring Collar

Standard Spring Collars at Power Systems, Inc.

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15 Reviews

Mini Versa Loops 9 inch

New Smaller Size! Our best selling Versa Loops in a size better suited for upper body exercises or use on recumbent bikes. Versa Loops are perfect for personal training and for use in fitness clubs and home gyms. Six resistance levels for any user, whether you are an experienced athlete or just…

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$2.95 - $17.21
9 Reviews
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