Premium Neoprene Dumbbell 3 lbs Sale

Premium Neoprene Dumbbell 3 lbs

Neoprene dumbbells combine the effectiveness of cast iron with the low impact of vinyl for a dumbbell that is ideal for group classes

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Rocker and Wobble Boards SET of 3 with stand (20 lbs)

Effective tools for proprioceptive and rehabilitative exercise. Rocker Board moves in one directional plane, and Wobble Boards move in multiple planes. Rocker Board has a larger square design for beginners; Wobble Boards have a smaller round design for intermediate and advanced users and adjust to…

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$82.79 - $326.01
Power Training Rope 2" White Sale

Power Training Rope 2" White

Training ropes work the entire body for overall strength and conditioning . These 2" diameter ropes come in two colors and three lengths to accommodate a wide range of fitness levels. Rope anchors and hanger available. Also available in 1.5 inch diameter for decreased resistance. White. Black also…

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$72.18 $160.41

Cardio Dumbbell 3 lbs

Get your hands on Power Systems newest urethane dumbbell. Unlike any design currently on the market. Designed to set your gym apart as the ideal partner to the ProElite Pump Set. The premium urethane handle features a gentle knurling pattern for a secure grip. Unlike other studio dumbbells, the…

$13.39 - $89.69
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Massage Balls Set of 3 Sale

Massage Balls Set of 3

Massage Balls (Set of 3) have a unique spike design that provides massage to promote /Mind & Body/Recovery of sore, tight, and tired muscles.

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$12.42 $24.83

3 in 1 Wooden Plyo

The perfect plyometric training solution, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned finisher! Our 3-in-1 Plyo Box can be flipped and turned to three different training heights, 20", 24", 30". Each side of the solid wood construction is clearly marked with an arrow and height measurement. No matter…

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Rubber Octagonal Dumbbell 3 lbs Sale

Rubber Octagonal Dumbbell 3 lbs

Boost power movements with a rubber octagonal dumbbell that is kinder to your floor and equipment than traditional metal dumbbells

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$7.65 - $159.79
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Apple Vinyl Dumbbell 3 lbs Sale

Apple Vinyl Dumbbell 3 lbs

Perfect group fitness dumbbell! The shape of our Apple Vinyl Dumbbell prevents rolling and damaging flooring. Compact design allows for efficient storage.

$2.48 - $11.06 $4.13 - $11.06
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Body Bar 3 lbs, 4'

The Body Bar from Power Systems is the perfect solid steel, weighted fitness bar for all of your group aerobics classes or home use.

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$31.92 - $108.14

BOSU Powerstax Set of 3

Use to elevate your BOSU Balance Trainer in 4 inch increments for more advanced training. Or fill with water for a dynamic resistance training tool weighing between 2 to 35 pounds.

$94.39 - $249.99

Power Toss Football 3 lbs Orange

Improve arm and grip strength with our weighted footballs. Available in 2 lb. and 3 lb. sizes (a standard football weighs 1 lb.), these footballs provide resistance in center-quarterback exchanges, hand-offs to backs, short passes to receivers, and deep snaps. Molded rubber. Color coded by weight.

$38.70 - $45.22
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Power Systems 3 in 1 Plyo Box

A Power Systems Brand! The Power Systems 3-in-1 Plyo Box is the perfect solution to training all fitness levels. It provides 3 surface heights for plyometric training all in one box. Each side of the solid wood constructions is clearly marked with an arrow and height measurement. No matter which…


3 Tier Mega Medicine Ball Rack

Keep your oversized medicine balls off the floor and out of the way with the 3 Tier Mega Medicine Ball Rack. This rack holds up to twelve 14 inch diameter medicine balls at one time! It can be easily moved to accommodate when your product is needed or pushed out of the way for added floor space in…

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Deluxe Vinyl Dumbbell 3 lbs Purple

The Deluxe Vinyl Dumbbell is compact for convenient stacking and storage

$3.51 - $14.17
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Lifeline Professional Tubing - 60" Level 3 Sale

Lifeline Professional Tubing - 60" Level 3

LIFELINE Professional Tubing at Power Systems, Inc.

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$9.83 - $15.66 $15.13 - $24.09
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