Foam Plyo Box 24"

Conquer progressive plyometric training! Our Foam Plyo boxes are available in five different heights, with a landing surface of 35 1/2" x 30".

$147.31 - $1,333.63

Premium Revolving 24" Lat Bar

Connect to cable systems with a Premium Revolving 24 In. Lat Bar for tricep extensions or rows. Ergonomic rubber hand grips are knurled for comfort and grip

1 Review

Premium Power-Plyo Box 24"

Condition your body by performing dynamic resistance exercises on plyo boxes that are solid and heavy weight.

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$160.83 - $695.51

Power-Plyo Boxes Black 24"

Plyo boxes from Power Systems can help increase your athletic power with plyometrics.

$125.39 - $851.79

Power Systems Foam Plyo Box 2018 24"

Each plyo box platform is covered with durable vinyl and can be stacked and secured with strong Velcro flaps on all four of the sides

$160.83 - $385.42
6 Reviews

Power Systems Foam Plyo Box 24"

Each platform is covered with durable vinyl and can be stacked and secured with strong Velcro flaps on all four of the sides

$129.39 - $1,171.39

ProElite Competition Kettlebell 24 kg

Gain strength with durable ProElite competition kettlebells made by Power Systems.

$91.07 - $116.63
2 Reviews

Body Bar 24 lbs, 4'

The Body Bar from Power Systems is the perfect solid steel, weighted fitness bar for all of your group aerobics classes or home use.

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$31.92 - $108.14
Versa Bar Aerobic Bars 24 lbs, 5' Sale

Versa Bar Aerobic Bars 24 lbs, 5'

The VersaBar body bar is ideal for core strength training, and for many other individual and group exercises.

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$14.27 - $90.03 $23.79 - $90.03
3 Reviews

Premium Versa Bar Aerobic Bar 24 lbs, 5'

Keep your weight training classes moving with the Versabar from Power Systems, with no need to load and unload plates.

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$27.93 - $95.62
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Robic Twelve Memory Chrono

The Twelve Memory Chrono timer offers lap, split, or event timing; 1/1000 second; precision to 24 hours; autolap counter to 99; 1st through 5th place times.

Aerobic Bar Vertical Storage Rack RACK ONLY

Stay organized with a Aerobic Bar Vertical Storage Rack, storing up to 24 bars or pvc pipes, body bars or Cardio Barbells for use in group fitness classes.

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$160.05 - $567.58

ProElite Club Mat - Slate Gray

…like core and abs classes. Wipes clean. 74”L x 24” W x .25" thick. Sold individually and in class packs. Features: * TPE Eco-friendly, PVC & phthalate free * Supports a variety of floor exercises * Easy to wipe clean surface * Ideal for clubs * Class packs available * 74”L x 24” W * 1/4” thick

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$38.70 - $654.52

Battle Rope Anchor Station

…for Olympic plates to be added for extra security. The rack is easy to move or store, no mounting required. Gray powder coated metal. Features: * No mounting needed, portable * Holds up to 12 battle ropes * 24" L x 24" W x 11 1/2" H * Center area is built to fit any Olympic plate for extra security

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Long Jump Tester

This portable, shock-absorbing mat takes the guesswork out of long jump testing. Clear screened markings indicate distance traveled from 24" to 144" in 1/2" increments. Made of flex rubber to cushion landing, prevent sliding, and make rolling it up for storage easy. 167" L x 22" W x 1/4" thick. 29…