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Urethane Dumbbell 17.5 lbs

…low-cost option for strength training with NO SET UP. Choose the full family of urethane dumbbells or select specific poundage from 5, 8,10,12,15, 17.5, and 20 for just the right weight for every exercise and level of training. Increase and decrease weight, repetition, and use with compounded…

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Cardio Dumbbell 17.5 lbs

IF THE WEIGHT YOU WANT IS OUT OF STOCK - ADDITIONAL INVENTORY EXPECTED JULY - preorder now NOW in 25 LB OPTION! Get your hands on Power Systems newest urethane dumbbell. Unlike any design currently on the market. Designed to set your gym apart as the ideal partner to the ProElite Pump Set. The…

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Squat Bar

Designed specifically for Powerlifters with aggressive knurling and a 17.5" loadable, polished steel sleeve. Improve your general weightlifting and Powerlifting technique with our 23.5 KG, 30 mm Squat Bar. This specially designed, 96.5”L stainless steel bar is ideal for helping users maintain proper…