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    A. Gator is engineered from Zytel, a 33% glass-fibre-reinforced nylon over moulded with a non-marking thermoplastic elastomer.
    B. Bar is made of carton steel with a zinc coating under clear electrophoresis for long lasting durability and scratch protection.
    C. Weight plates are made from iron cores over moulded with a unique rubber compound that reduces smell and marking.




    Cyclic Test* (Bearings and Gator Fatigue Strength)

    1,016,514 Cycles (PASS)

    785,065 cycles complete, no issues other than expected wear and tear****

    Drop Test (Bar)**

    71,767 Drops (PASS)

    71,325 Drops (PASS)

    Drop Test (Plates)

    20,150 Cycles (PASS)

    20,327 Drops (PASS)

    Mechanism Test (Teeth)***

    30,771 Cycles (PASS)

    35,123 Cycles (PASS)

         * Cyclic test - raising and lowering a fully loaded bar
        ** Drop test - dropping a bar loaded with weights
       *** Mechanism - taking the weights on/off the bar
      **** Expected wear and tear - superficial material scratches, no mechanical failures.

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