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    Jungle Gym XT

    Training with your own body weight as resistance is a great way to control the intensity of your workout.  Attach to your door and you now have hundreds of exercises available to you to train all parts of your body.  A great plan is to train your upper body in the morning and lower body at night.  Includes a 90 minute DVD and color poster to get you started.

    BOSU Home Balance Trainer

    Every day your routine challenges your general balance and core strength.  The BOSU® Home Balance Trainer’s air-filled dome provides an unstable surface for you to perform a variety of exercises that might include squats, lunges and hops.  Plus by turning the BOSU® over now you have an oversized wobble board that is a fun challenge for sit-ups and push-ups.  Balance training can be done by anyone at anytime.  Use to warm-up for your walk around the block or add some variety by sitting on the product while watching your favorite show.

    Speed Bead Rope
    from $10.95 - $14.95

    Jumping rope not only improves your endurance, keeping your heart and lungs healthy, it also helps maintain strong bones and joints.  In 10 minutes you can burn as many calories as running 30 minutes and you can do it in your own home, on your own schedule.  Jumping rope in the morning to add energy to you day and at night to relieve stress and improve relaxation for a good night’s sleep.


    Premium Versa-Tubes
    $8.95 - $13.95

    Resistance tubing is a great way to tone and strengthen. Handles provide a secure and comfortable grip. Rubber tubing provides smooth resistance - the farther you pull the harder it gets. If you use while standing you will feel muscles working from head to toes, however, you can also use while sitting down for a quick and effective upper body circuit. Trainers and coaches' reccomend have 2 or 3 different resistance levels so that you can work all your muscle groups.

    Dumbbells - Apple Vinyl Series
    from $3.95 - $19.95

    Dumbbells are a great way to maintain strength in your hands, arms, shoulders, back and chest. Plus they provide extra weight for squats and lunges without placing pressure on your neck or shoulder presses. This is one of the oldest mothods of training so you can find great exercise routines online for all ages. Exercises can be performed daily, however, we do recommend mixing up the variety to give your muscles time to recover. Start light, master the exercise movement and then increase the weight.


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