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    Power Systems (PS), LLC Affiliate Program Help

    Need Help Getting Started?


    1. Where to find links & banners for your website.
    2. When will I get paid?
    3. How will I get paid?
    4. What is the cookie duration?
    5. Help, my clients are clicking but the traffic doesn't show up in my account!
    6. Learn about TruLink and how to set it up.


    Where to find links & banners for your website.


     Affiliate Program Links 


    1. Login to your affiliate account.
    2. Click on the Marketing tab where you'll see Text Links & Banners.
    3. Not sure where to begin? Try the Dynamic Flash Banners on the Banners page. Those banners automatically update every time we change our current coupon code. This will provide your website visitors with the absolute best deal possible at any given moment.



    When will I get paid?


    We typically pay during the 2nd week of the month, once your balance has reached a minimum of $100.



    How will I get paid?


    You may either be paid by check or PayPal.



    What is the cookie duration?


    Our cookie duration is a generous 60 days.



    Help, my clients are clicking but the traffic doesn't show up in my account!


    This typically happens when the visitor has already been on the Power Systems website within the last 60 days. Because our program is designed to drive new visitors, those shoppers are not counted. If you have a client who would explicitly like to credit your account – or if you wish to credit your own account – simply clear your browser cookies prior to following your affiliate link. This system is designed to protect our affiliates by assigning a 60 day cookie when a visitor follows your link. Any purchases made during that 60 day window will credit your account.



    Learn about TruLink and how to set it up.


    TruLink is a unique feature to the Power Systems affiliate program. In short, this feature allows affiliates like you to link to the Power Systems website without any special code, like your affiliate ID. Just link to your favorite products on your website and your traffic will automatically be credited to your affiliate account. Setup is easy, just follow these steps:


    First: Once you have been approved, use the login form on this page to login to your account. When you first login you will see the Dashboard, this is where you're able to view the impressions, clicks and sales you may have generated in our program.


     Affiliate Program Dashboard 


    Second: Visit the Settings tab and click on Profile. Make sure that all the information listed here is accurate. Then click on the Payment Type link and select the appropriate payment type.


     Affiliate Program Dashboard 


    If you wish to be paid via PayPal, please make sure to include your PayPal email account here. In the PayPal Details field, please just confirm your PayPal email address.


     Affiliate Program Dashboard 


    Third: You must now add your domain. To do this, visit the Marketing tab and click on Domains. Enter the domain you wish to drive traffic from. Please note, this must be a domain that you or the company you work for owns. Once you submit this domain we will review and approve your request.


     Affiliate Program Dashboard 


    There are TWO ways you may drive traffic to Power Systems. Method ONE is from your approved domain directly to www.power-systems.com. Traffic from your approved domain will automatically be credited to your account. Method TWO is by driving traffic to our URL with your affiliate ID attached, it will look like this: http://www.power-systems.com/.aspx?affId=XXXXX where XXXXX is your affiliate ID.

    Please keep in mind that under our terms of service members of the Power Systems Affiliate Program are not allowed to use the Power Systems name or www.power-systems.com in any PPC, CPC, CPA text ads on any network or platform. Affiliates violating this rule will be terminated immediately and their earnings will be forfeited.

    Please contact us if you have further questions about getting started.


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