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    Make the Muscletrac part of your training and recovery program.  Improve performance by locating and eliminating pain and soreness, improving tissue elasticity, alignment and flexibility & increasing circulation, oxygen and nutrient delivery.  Choose from 5 product types—all the perfect size to put in your gym bag for pre or post treatment.

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    • Single Trac
    • Weighted which helps it find trigger points and tight tissues easily.
    • Used for general applications or for smaller areas around the forearms, elbows, wrists, knees, shoulders, around the neck, and joints.
    • Helpful in releasing scar tissue and as an aid in carpal tunnel to increase oxygenation and blood flow to the forearm and wrist.
    • Popular with physical therapists, trainers, golfers and those playing racquet sports.


    • 4 Tracs
    • Helps you find trigger points, tight tissue, and fascia
    • Varies the amount of penetration you want for either superficial or deep penetration.
    • Used on all major muscle groups on the upper and lower body.
    • Most popular Muscletrac for trainers and partner application.

    Elite Firm

    • 6 Tracs
    • Firm inner rod which allows for deeper penetration of the muscles with very little effort.
    • Choice for those who want to get deeper into the tissue.
    • Popular with all sports and the Cross-Fit athletes.

    Elite Flex

    • 6 Tracs
    • Flexible rod, and longer than the Sport.
    • Flex contours around the muscle allowing for a lighter application.
    • Great to use on larger muscle groups such as the quadriceps, IT Band, hamstrings and back.


    • 8 Tracs
    • Firm inner rod that allows to really dig deep into the muscle.
    • Used on larger muscle groups such as the quadriceps, IT Band, calves, hamstrings and back.
    • Favorite of larger athletes and is popular in the NFL and with Cross-Fit athletes.



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    Muscletrac - Mini 80213 80213 -- -- $42.99
    Muscletrac - Sport 80214 80214 -- -- $47.99
    Muscletrac - Elite Firm 80215 80215 -- -- $52.99
    Muscletrac - Elite Flex 80216 80216 -- -- $52.99
    Muscletrac - Pro 80217 80217 -- -- $58.39


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