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    VersaBall Stability Ball

    A stability ball is a standard piece of equipment for gyms and physical therapists. These strong, inflated balls are available in a number of sizes, making them easily adaptable to almost any rehabilitation patient or fitness enthusiast. Finding the right stability ball for your facility doesn't need to be a challenge: Power Systems has a wide assortment of exercise balls available, including the VersaBall Stability Ball.

    Versaball Stability Balls:

    • Add extra challenge to workouts
    • Promote proper posture, increase lower back mobility, build back and abdominal strength
    • Improve core strength


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    Power Systems stability balls are constructed of high-quality, professional-grade materials. Good quality PVC won't burst if the ball is dropped and is able to stand up to continued use. Some balls, such as the Versaball Stability Ball, won't pop if they are punctured. Instead, they deflate slowly, significantly reducing the risk of injuries if a puncture occurs while in use. Finally, our stability balls are easy to inflate. Balls that have an included tape measure make it easy to tell when you've added the right amount of air.


    • High quality professional grade PVC construction
    • Available in 4 sizes and 5 colors
    • Tape measure included to indicate proper inflation

    User's Height Listing:

    • 45 cm: 4'6" to 5'
    • 55 cm: 5'1" to 5'7"
    • 65 cm: 5'8" to 6'1"
    • 75 cm: 6'7" and Up

    Additional Information

    Power Systems stability balls are flexible and can add a layer of challenge to a variety of exercise types. The need to maintain proper alignment while using the ball encourages the body to work together as a coordinated unit. A stability ball can be incorporated into many standard body weight exercises, such as push-ups and crunches. By challenging the user to remain stable while carrying out his chosen exercise, a workout ball creates a more intense workout that leads to greater strength and endurance. Stability balls are also popular among physical therapists for rehabilitation. With regular use, they help patients to learn proper posture, increase lower back mobility, build strength in the back and abdominals, and better control their core body muscles. Stability balls are easily adapted for use at home, in gyms and in commercial fitness facilities, for all levels of exercisers. What’s more, they are fun to use! Find the right stability balls for your clientele at Power Systems, no matter what their individual fitness goals may be.

      VersaBall VersaBall Pro
    Primary Uses
    Core, Stabilization, and Rehabilitation
    Larger Users and Dynamic Resistance Training
    Static Weight Limit
    800 lbs.
    1,000 lbs.
    Burst Resistant to
    500 lbs.
    1,000 lbs.
    45 cm to 75 cm
    55 cm to 75 cm
    Ball Diameter User Height
    45 cm (17.7") 4' 6" to 5' 0"
    55 cm (21.6") 5' 1" to 5' 7"
    65 cm (25.5") 5' 8" to 6' 1"
    75 cm (29.5") 6' 2" to 6' 7"



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    Ship Weight

    Ship Dimensions


    VersaBall Stability Ball 45 cm., Jet Black 80011 80011 -- -- $27.39
    VersaBall Stability Ball 45 cm., Sunrise Gold 80010 80010 -- -- $27.39
    VersaBall Stability Ball 55 cm., Calypso Berry 80015 80015 -- -- $28.39
    VersaBall Stability Ball 55 cm., Glacier Blue 80016 80016 -- -- $28.39
    VersaBall Stability Ball 55 cm., Jet Black 80018 80018 -- -- $28.39
    VersaBall Stability Ball 55 cm., Silver Frost 80017 80017 -- -- $28.39
    VersaBall Stability Ball 65 cm., Calypso Berry 80026 80026 -- -- $32.69
    VersaBall Stability Ball 65 cm., Glacier Blue 80025 80025 -- -- $32.69
    VersaBall Stability Ball 65 cm., Jet Black 80028 80028 -- -- $32.69
    VersaBall Stability Ball 65 cm., Silver Frost 80027 80027 -- -- $32.69
    VersaBall Stability Ball 75 cm., Jet Black 80036 80036 -- -- $37.69
    VersaBall Stability Ball 75 cm., Silver Frost 80037 80037 -- -- $37.69


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    1.TW on 7/29/2012 Excellent product. This is my second purchase. First stability ball was a 65cm. I like it a little under-inflated and at the PSI I inflate it to, it works perfectly for me. Not only do I use it in conjunction with strength and other training, but it's comfortable to use it as a 'chair'. My next purchase is for a smaller ball so I can do some of the other exercises in the book. I would also like to try utilizing 2 ball-exercises. I like the reliability of Power-Systems products & punctual shipping. I also have purchased a yoga mat and foam roller. I would not think of shopping elsewhere.
    2.Jaime on 5/9/2012 Easy to inflate if you have an air compressor at your house, took me about 30 seconds to get the thing out and have it blown up. I did as recommended: inflated it to about 80% and let it sit for about 24 hours before inflating it to the recommended 55cm. So far so good. It is round with no defects that I can find. I've been using it at my computer all day since my chair is broken and it's doing well. :)
    3.Robert on 3/4/2012 My 65 cm stability ball has been fully inflated for over 24 hours, and it will only inflate to 57 cm according to the measuring tape. It will have to be exchanged unless the ball's diameter expands to 65 cm by tomorrow. I also never received a video ID on the packing slip as advertised on the website.
    4.Robert on 12/15/2009 Excellent quality ball and quick shipping from Power Systems.
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    Showing comments 1-4 of 4
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