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    How to Store Your Exercise Equipment

    Whether you have a home gym or own a workout center, you'd be embarrassed to stuff, stash or squeeze away your workout equipment between workout sessions. Strewn out exercise equipment not only looks messy, but also it can be a safety hazard for you and the people around you. Luckily, we have the solutions you need to get your gym in order – quickly and easily.

    Why Do You Need to Store Your Exercise Equipment?

    Simply put – fitness equipment doesn’t make good decoration, so clean it up! If you have a home gym, it’s a good idea to organize your gear to get it up off the floor and out of the way. You wouldn’t want to be rushing around hiding your exercise equipment when company calls, so reserve a place specifically for it. Children at home can hurt themselves on any workout equipment within their reach, which makes getting it put away essential to the safety of your home.For actual gyms, proper storage suffices both organization and safety needs. Ample shelving and racks can house all of your exercise equipment by type, shape or color, making the business look great and make equipment more accessible, while keeping gym members safe from accidentally tripping or stubbing a toe.

    What Types of Exercise Equipment Need to Be Stored?

    You can store just about anything you need to get out of the way. Properly storing workout equipment can increase the longevity of your equipment by keeping it put away nicely in its place and away from being stomped on, flung around and otherwise misused.Multi-purpose storage racks and shelves are great catch-alls for lots of various bits of equipment. Specialized storage is available for specific types of equipment such as foam roller carts to keep your gear from rolling away, hanging racks for storing unused yoga mats, and storage racks for keeping aquatic equipment neat without pooling excess water.Power Systems offers top quality storage solutions for an array of exercise equipment. We have all different shapes and sizes of racks, shelving, wall mounts and carts that can be the perfect addition to your workout space. Whether you need to store dumbbells and mats or BOSU trainers and stability balls, we have the gym storage you need to keep your space in order.

    Ball Storage Stackers
    Wall Rack for Hanging Mats
    Metal Wall Mounted Mat Rack
    Wall Mounted Storage Rack
    Soft Touch Med Ball Rack 5 Ball
    Stability Ball Wall Storage Rack
    Wall-Mounted Mat Rack
    Med-Ball Tree
    Mini Body Bar Storage Rack
    Soft Touch Med Ball Rack
    Olympic Bar Holder
    Olympic Plate Rack
    Body Bar Storage Rack
    Double Med-Ball Tree
    Stability Ball Storage Rack
    Aerobic Bar Vertical Storage Rack
    Elite Stability Ball Wall Storage Rack
    Secure Wall-Mounted Rack
    Premium Standing Rack for Tubing or Jump Ropes
    Studio Foam Roller Cart
    Economy Wall Rack for Foam Rollers
    Wall-Mounted Med Ball Rack
    Small Storage Rack for BOSU
    Pro Maxima FW-48 Bar Holder
    Mega Medicine Ball Storage Rack
    Wall Rack for Foam Rollers
    Multi Purpose Rack - Studio - Black/Gray
    Standing Mat Rack
    BOSU Storage Rack
    Mat Storage Cart
    Premium Stability Ball Rack
    3-Tier Med Ball Rack
    Neoprene/Vinyl Vertical Dumbbell Rack Only
    Neoprene/Vinyl Dumbbell Storage Rack
    Multi Purpose Rack w/ Casters
    Aqua Storage Rack
    Club Foam Roller Cart
    Elite Standing Rack
    Cable Attachment Bars Storage Rack
    Med Ball Tree Kit
    Neoprene/Vinyl Dumbbell Storage Rack w/ Casters
    Premium Med-Ball Tree
    Storage cart for the Original Health Club Step. Frame Only.
    Elite Stability Ball Storage Rack
    Horizontal Dumbbell Rack
    Storage cart for the Original Health Club Step.
    Premium Aerobic VersaBar Storage Rack
    Cardiobarbell 10 Set Rack  - Only
    Premium Kettlebell Rack
    Ultra 4 Tier Med Ball Tower
    Secure Med Ball Cart
    3 Tier Mega Medicine Ball Rack
    ViPR™ Rack
    Deluxe CardioBarbell 20 Set Rack Only
    Kettlebell Storage Rack
    Pro Maxima FW-139 Horizontal Bumper Plate Rack
    Double Med Ball Tree Kit
    ViPR™ VGF Rack
    Dumbbell Storage Rack w/44 Pairs of APPLE Vinyl DB
    Premium Med Ball Tree Kit
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