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    New Products

    New Products

    Get the Top Fitness Equipment to Add New Dimensions to Your Workout

    There is a lot to be said for tried-and-true fitness equipment and workouts. Many of the same types of exercise equipment used decades ago still contribute to an effective fitness program. That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for new products that have been developed to take your fitness routine to the next level. As research continues to look into how the body works and responds to the activities we put it through, new products continue to be developed to incorporate new knowledge into a physical reality. Many of the newest pieces of fitness equipment are based on research that has shown it will be effective in accomplishing one or more of the fitness goals that many athletes have in mind. In some cases, improvements on traditional exercise equipment could have the impact that you want for your workout efforts.

    What is New in Fitness Equipment at Power-Systems.Com?

    We continue to add new products to our inventory to provide our customers with the most advanced and effective fitness equipment for their personal use or for the members of their clubs. New variations on old favorites like the new longer 60” Premium Versa-Tube resistance tube will increase the number of people who will find this as a valuable piece of exercise equipment for their workout just by changing a single detail. Some of our new products offer the degree of versatility that makes them more valuable to the club or home. The AccuBall is one of our new products that improve pressure point relief that is sometimes found with golf or lacrosse balls. We also have added the Moji Foot and Moji Mini Pro to provide more choices in massage for the relief of soreness and pain caused by overworked muscles.

    What Types of New Fitness Equipment Do You Have to Help with Speed Training?

    For some athletes, enhancing strength training is a priority. For others, speed training equipment is needed to improve short- or distance- speed. Our newest fitness equipment includes Speed Hurdles Pro to give runners the option to adjust the hurdles to a number of heights quickly and easily. The Speed Rope is another type of speed training equipment that helps athletes increase their endurance. Our variety of new products includes exercise equipment used for resistance training, speed and agility, pre- and post- workout massage and increasing strength and endurance. Buyers who know that Power Systems provides nothing but top quality fitness equipment for any area of training or performance also know that they can rely on our brand for the best in new equipment as well.

    The new products at Power Systems include a variety of fitness equipment that can be used to increase strength, build speed and agility, and help athletes prepare for competition. The quality of fitness equipment that has inspired customer loyalty in many of those who shopped here before will continue to be evident in any additional products added to the inventory.

    Reebok Power Station
    Reebok Tri Rig
    Wallmount Multisport Scoreboard
    Portable Multisport Scoreboard
    Mini Scoreboard
    Standard™ Traverse Climbing Wall
    The Tank
    Safari® Monkey Bars
    PowerWave Class Packs
    Slim Pace Clocks
    Pace Clock Pro
    Indoor/Outdoor Training Kit
    Reebok Utility Bench
    3 Tier Mega Medicine Ball Rack
    GOFLO® Trainer
    Reebok Combat Heavy Bag - 130 lb
    Reebok Combat Thai Bag
    Reebok Combat 4ft Bag 80 lb
    Black Chrome Cable Attachments
    PowerForce Heavy Bag - 100 lbs.
    Reebok Combat Grappling Bag
    Reebok Pro Flat Bench
    TruFit UNIT
    Reebok Combat Upper Cut Bag
    VITL Kit
    Reebok Core Board
    Reebok Deck
    Withings Body Cardio Scale
    Reebok Combat Body Shield
    Reebok PlyoStack
    Power Systems 3 in 1 Plyo Box
    Withings Activité Steel
    Safe Edge Plyo Box
    Premium Pull Up Bar
    Withings Activité Pop
    Withings Body Scale
    TriggerPoint Performance Collection
    Power Sytems Foam Plyo Box
    Reebok Combat Strike Pad
    Reebok Suspension Rings
    Withings Pulse Ox
    Reebok Step
    Wood Training Rings
    Reebok Combat Leather Training Glove
    Kiss the Sky Oval Yoga Mat
    Withings Go
    Reebok Double Grip Medicine Ball
    Reebok Combat Thai Pad
    PowerForce Medicine Ball
    Reebok Eco Yoga Mat
    Reebok Functional Mat
    Black Chrome 36
    Reebok Tri-Fold Mat
    Reebok Pilates Mat
    Olympic Bumper Plate
    Reebok Kettlebell
    Reebok Premium Kettlebell
    Black Chrome 48
    Harbinger  Classic Oiled Leather Belt
    Reebok Combat Focus Pads
    Harbinger Deluxe Ab Straps
    Bumper Plate - Single
    Black Chrome 28
    Black Chrome Multi Purpose Handle
    Jacquard Yoga Towel & Mat
    Natural Jute Yoga Mat
    Harbinger Leather Dip Belt
    Reebok Combat Speed Bag
    Reebok Studio Mat
    Reebok Ab Wedge Mat
    Premium Slam Ball
    Professional Club Grade Yoga Mat
    Black Chrome Multi Purpose V Bar
    Black Chrome 20
    Black Chrome Row Handle
    Black Chrome Tricep Pushdown Handle
    Harbinger Polypropolene Dip Belt
    Harbinger Lifting Grips
    TriggerPoint CORE Foam Roller
    Harbinger Red Line Knee Wraps
    Harbinger Lifting Hooks
    Round Edge Cork Yoga Block
    Harbinger Palm Grips
    Harbinger Ergo Grip Strength System
    Harbinger Big Grip Bar Grip
    TriggerPoint MB5 Massage Ball
    Harbinger Tricep Rope - 26
    Reebok Yoga Mat
    Harbinger 5
    Harbinger Padded Leather Belt
    Harbinger Pro WristWrap Glove
    Muscle Knot Massage Peanut
    Striped Yoga Block
    Black Chrome  Stirrup Handle
    Power Systems CardioBarbell Pump Set
    Diamond Pro Bumper Plate
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