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    Power Systems Plyometrics

    Power Systems Plyometrics

    Power Systems Has the Plyometric Fitness Equipment You Need

    Plyometrics, first popularized in the early 1980s, is a form of training in which athletes use "explosive" force to jump or throw objects rapidly and repeatedly, exerting as much force as possible for a short period of time. It is believed that this approach – first causing an eccentric contraction of muscles, followed by an immediate concentric contraction – accomplishes the goal of increasing speed and power. In the early days of plyometric training, exercises were largely performed without equipment – squatting as low as possible and jumping off the ground, jumping from side to side, "power skipping," and doing explosive push-ups that lift the hands and body completely off the ground. As more and more trainers have accepted plyometrics as a viable training regimen, specialized equipment has been developed, and we carry this equipment at Power Systems.

    What Types of Plyometric Fitness Equipment Does Power Systems Carry?

    You name it…we've probably got it. We start with the basics – "Plyo boxes" or stackable platforms that can be used by athletes for jumping exercises. These are available in many different sizes and configurations, and are designed to be easily moved and stored when not in use. There are also plyometric hurdles and "slide boards" or lateral trainers to support side-to-side jumping, and specialized "power jumper" equipment that allows athletes to jump while tethered to the ground with exercise cords, thus allowing them to increase the resistance already provided by gravity.
    The use of medicine balls and medicine ball rebounders is also considered a core part of plyometric exercise, and we carry a full range of this type of fitness equipment. Power Systems also carries floor-based long jump testers and wall-mounted vertical jump testers to provide feedback to plyometric athletes so that they can see how their performance is improving. Naturally, for those who wish to increase resistance while performing their plyometric exercises, we also carry a full line of ankle weights, wrist weights, and vest-mounted weights.

    Power Systems Should Be Your Number One Source of Plyometric Equipment

    We have the most, and we have the best. No matter what your needs for plyometric workout equipment may be, one quick search on our website will allow you to find exactly what you're looking for, and at the prices you're looking for.

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