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    Bikes, Climbers, Stepmills, Ellipticals

    Bikes, Climbers, Stepmills, Ellipticals

    Find the Best Bikes, Climbers, Stepmills, and Elliptical Cardio Trainers in the World at Power Systems

    When it comes to looking for the best cardio fitness equipment, the issues you deal with are the same whether you are a professional trainer looking for cardio equipment for a new facility or an individual athlete looking for something for your home. Naturally, you want quality and durability, but as experienced athletes you also know that you must also pay attention to psychological factors. To appeal to different types of users, Power Systems offers a wide variety of cardio equipment – bikes, climbers, stepmills, and elliptical trainers. This helps you choose a range of machines, to appeal to many different exercise tastes.

    Stationary Bikes are a Basic Staple of Every Exercise Facility

    The purpose of any piece of cardio training equipment is to allow the user to raise his or her heart rate and keep it high for a number of minutes. Stationary bikes accomplish this goal, and with a minimum of training, because most people already know how to ride a bike. There are literally hundreds of types of stationary bikes – simple models with non-varying resistance, computerized bikes with screens that allow you to modify resistance and show you a virtual countryside to pedal through, recumbent bikes that allow you to recline while pedaling, and many others. At Power Systems, you can browse through dozens of bike types and choose the ones that you feel will be appreciated most by your own clients.

    Climbers Allow Exercisers to Use More Muscle Groups

    For users who want to add more resistance to their cardio workout than bikes allow, climbers are a good choice. These machines vary in size, price, and design – versa climbers, treadclimbers, incline climbers, etc. – but all offer a tremendous cardio workout than can permit users to burn a tremendous number of calories in a very short time.

    Stepmills and Jacob's Ladder Machines

    These machines have been referred to as the "escalators from Hell," and with good reason, because they provide the most intense cardio workout possible. It's like you're climbing the stairs at a football stadium to reach your seat in the top row, except that you never reach the top row. And not only do the stairs go on forever, on stepmill models that have different difficulty levels, you can increase the intensity of the workout by making the escalator go faster.

    Elliptical Trainers Offer a Great Cardio Workout with Low Impact

    Many people want a good cardio workout, but for medical reasons they have been advised not to run, even on stationary treadmills, because the pound-pound-pound impact of every step can cause damage to their bones, joints, and spine. For these athletes, the obvious choice might be an elliptical trainer, which allows users to burn calories while performing non-impact motions. Some models of elliptical trainers also have handles that allow the user to exert a push-pull movement against resistance, and thus exercise their upper body at the same time they're using their legs to work the elliptical pedals.

    At Power Systems, we offer most types of cardio equipment. Just search through the "Bikes, Climbers, Stepmills, Ellipticals" section of our catalog, and you'll find many examples of each type of machine.

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