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    Grow Stronger with a Variety of Strength Training Exercises

    Body strength is more than a measure of muscle. Incorporating strength training into your regular exercise routine also improves your balance, strengthens bones, and improves the efficiency of your cardiovascular system. Many people think strength training is limited to lifting weights and barbells, but there are many other kinds of exercise equipment you can use in combination with traditional weight lifting equipment to build strength from head to toe. Just as every area of the body has muscles to support and strengthen them, there are also strength training workouts and equipment that can be used to strengthen each of these areas.

    What Types of Strength Training Equipment are Available?

    The variety of strength training equipment available today includes products for people who are just learning the benefits of performing this type of exercise as well as those for people who are always looking for the next best way to increase their muscle volume and strength. For those who are serious about strengthening their core muscles and creating a washboard stomach, an Ab Solo machine offers a fun and effective solution for building abdominal muscle. For people who are unable to use weight lifting equipment or who have been unsuccessful with weights, resistance bands and other exercise equipment use resistance to build strength. There are also recumbent bikes, treadmills, elliptical trainers, kettlebells and much more that will boost your muscle mass.

    How Do I Know Which Strength Training Equipment to Choose?

    Everyone will benefit from doing strength training for their core and abs. The core muscles support the body and provide balance. You can purchase a kit that includes everything you need to build a stronger core. A weight bench and an assortment of free weights will provide you with the equipment you need to build strong arms and shoulders while an Earthquake Bar will help you build stronger legs. A variety of equipment will give you more flexibility to prevent you from getting bored with the same workout while also increasing the number of muscles that you impact. Make sure the strength training equipment you choose will provide you with the diversity you need to build a uniform appearance to your body.

    At Power Systems, we know the importance strength training has in everyone’s fitness plan. Building muscles and increasing strength isn’t just for bodybuilders. Our wide range of strength training equipment includes items that are available in a variety of weight ranges needed by everyone from beginners to pros.

    resistance bands
    Strength Band
    Rubber Octagonal Dumbbell
    Elite Power Med-ball
    Premium Neoprene Dumbbell
    Slam Ball
    Deluxe Vinyl Dumbbell
    Premium Kettlebells
    resistance bands
    Dynamax Medicine Ball
    Premium Slam Ball
    Power Training Rope 1.5
    Soft Touch Medicine Ball
    Apple Vinyl Dumbbell
    Power-Plyo Box
    Pro Bar Wrap Pad
    Ultra Kettlebell
    Pro Olympic Plates
    Standard Rubber Plates
    Bar Wrap Pad
    3 grip areas make loading and unloading bars easy.Raised white numbers for easy identification.
    Diamond Pro Bumper Plate
    Pro Abdominator
    Infinity Vest
    Power Training Rope
    Hex Bar
    Premium Power - Plyo Box
    Med Ball Tree Kit
    Olympic Spring Collar - Pair
    Power Rope-Ball Medicine Balls
    ViPR™ PT
    Olympic Grip Plates
    Versafit Log
    kor Kettleball
    Lifeline Power Wheel
    Pro Tricep Rope
    Nylon Dip / Pull-Up Belt
    Pro Power Bar 700 lb capacity
    Weighted Vest
    Chalk 1 lb
    Web-Slide Exercise Rail System Tubing Only
    Guardian Rubber Floor Mats
    Deluxe Cardio Barbell Plate
    Perfect Ab Carver Pro
    Non-Bounce Medicine Balls
    Grizzly Leather Belt 4
    LifeFitness Kettlebell
    Short Olympic Bar
    Olympic Bar Holder
    Standard Plates
    Neoprene/Vinyl Dumbbell Storage Rack
    Neoprene/Vinyl Dumbbell Storage Rack w/ Casters
    Standard Spring Collar
    Hammer Strength Kettlebell
    VTX Premium Bumper Plates - Pair
    Padded Cotton Lifting Straps (pair)
    The Power Builder
    Power Throw-Ball Softball Medicine Ball
    Power Throw-Ball Baseball Medicine Ball
    BOSU Elite by WeckMethod
    Lock-Jaw Olympic Barbell Collar - Pair
    Step-Up Box
    MostFit Core Hammer
    Leather Power Belt
    Olympic Plate Rack
    Power Throw-Ball Baseball Size Complete Medicine Ball Set and Bag
    Grizzly Leather Dip Pull-Up Belt
    Pull-Up Handles
    Power Toss Football
    Power Grip-Ball
    Harbinger Heavy Duty Ankle Cuff
    Lifting Chains
    Chin-Up or Pull Up Bar
    Manta Ray
    Diamond Pro - Power Bar
    Horizontal Dumbbell Rack
    Premium Standing Rack for Tubing or Jump Ropes
    Body Bar Aquaflex
    Mini Body Bar
    Neoprene/Vinyl Vertical Dumbbell Rack Only
    The Beast Slastix Battle Rope
    Super Deadlift Bar
    Spiral Strength Singles
    Pro Chalk Container
    Grizzly 6” Bear-Hugger Training Belt
    Harbinger Padded Leather Belt
    Battle Rope Anchor Station
    Lock-Jaw Pro Barbell Collar
    Grizzly Nylon Dipping Belt
    Power Throw-Ball Softball Size Complete Medicine Ball Set and Bag
    Core Flyte
    Diamond Pro - IWF 15 KG Bar
    Kettlebell Training
    Chalk Ball
    Mind and Body Ball
    Pulling Stands
    Promaxima FW-25 Adjustable Incline Bench
    Pro Maxima PL-128 Pro Style Adjustable Bench
    Son of The Beast Slastix Battle Rope
    Tsunami Bar
    Hammer Strength Stability Ball
    Pro Maxima PL-610 Adjustable Flat / Incline / Decline Military Bench w/Wheels
    PowerForce Hanging Bag - Bag Only
    Harbinger  Neoprene Padded Ankle Cuff
    Hand Wraps
    Single Tricep Rope
    Spiral Strength Dually
    Harbinger Lifting Grips
    Grizzly 4” Bear-Hugger Training Belt
    Training Rings
    Earthquake Bar
    Super-Hex Dumbbells
    Pro Wrist Wraps (pair)
    Dynamax Coach’s Kit
    Aluminum Training Bar
    Adjustable Chin-Up Bar
    The AbsBench
    Premium Olympic Bar
    Web-Slide Exercise Rail System
    Pro Maxima FW-136 Dual Abdominal / Back Extension
    Pro Maxima PL-70 Dual Abdominal & Dip Station
    Harbinger 5
    Pro Maxima FW-97 Deluxe Power Rack w/Weight Storage & Band Attachment
    Husker Power Locks
    Dumbbell Storage Rack w/44 Pairs of APPLE Vinyl DB
    Pro Maxima PL-340 Pro Half Rack
    Lebert Buddy System
    Reebok Combat Leather Training Glove
    30in Adjustable Power-Plyo Box
    Medicine Ball Rebounder
    Secure Wall-Mounted Rack
    Pro-Curve Bag Gloves
    Strongboard Balance
    Dumbbell Training
    Bulldog Collars
    MostFit™ SYN Rings
    Pro Maxima PL-360 Pro Full Power Rack
    ACE Group Fitness Instructor Manual: A Guide for Fitness Professional - 3rd Edition
    Black Chrome Row Handle
    Harbinger Leather Dip Belt
    Pro Maxima FW-30 Adjustable Sit Up Bench
    Reebok Deck
    Pro Maxima FW-20 Inverted Leg Press
    Diamond Pro - IWF 20 KG Bar
    Urethane Plate - Single
    Pro Maxima PL-123 Adjustable Power Bench
    Harbinger 4
    Black Chrome 28
    Pro Maxima PLR-700 Adjustable Decline Bench
    Pro MaximaPL-127 Squat Rack w/Weight Storage
    Pro Maxima FW-147 Solid Oak Center Platform 8' x 8'
    Reebok Combat Focus Pads
    Black Chrome 48
    Pro Maxima FW-110 Dumbbell Incline Bench w/Wheels
    Pro Power Bar - 700 lb. Capacity
    Spine Anchor System
    Black Chrome Multi Purpose Handle
    Pro Maxima PL-390 Pro Multi Rack
    The ACE Integrated Fitness Training (ACE IFT) Model
    Pro Maxima FW-128 Shoulder Press
    Nylon Belt - 6 inch - Small
    Pro Maxima FW-40 Glute/Ham Developer
    Pro Maxima PL-380 Technique Trays
    Harbinger  ClassicOiled Leather Belt
    Diamond Pro - Select 20 KG Bar
    Pro Maxima FW-78 Back Extension
    Harbinger Polypropolene Dip Belt
    Pro Maxima Raptor Series P-5000 Seated Leg Press
    Pro Maxima FW-10 Squat Rack
    Black Chrome 36
    Pro Maxima PLR-300 Olympic Decline Bench w/ Weight Storage
    Travel Fit Stik
    Black Chrome 20
    Pro Maxima PL-41 Glute/Ham Bench
    Black Chrome  Stirrup Handle
    Bamboo Bar
    Pro Maxima PLR-150 Olympic Bench Press w/ Spotter Stand and Weight Storage
    Elite Urethane Dumbbell
    Pro Maxima PL-94 Flat Work Bench
    Harbinger Red Line Knee Wraps
    Pro Maxima FW-91 Incline Bench
    Delavier's Sculpting Anatomy for Women
    Pro Maxima FW-57 Adjustable Abdominal Bench
    Crosscore 180
    Pro Maxima FW-58A 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack w/Saddles
    Reebok Combat Thai Pad
    Pro Maxima PLR-600 Flat Work Bench w/Wheels
    Diamond Pro - Select 15 KG Bar
    Jump Rope Training - 2nd Edition
    Pro Maxima FW-142 Ladder Rack
    Pro Maxima FW-28A Power Rack
    Fitness Weight Training - 3rd Edition
    Reebok Combat Strike Pad
    Pro Maxima PL-505 Bumper Storage w/Chalk Holder Platform Attachment
    PowerWave Class Packs
    ACE Personal Trainer Manual - 4th Edition Set
    Pro Maxima FW-113 Competition Power Rack w/Wide Angle Base
    Pro Maxima PL-205 Glute and Ham Developer
    Harbinger Power Knee Wraps
    LokTuff Interlocking Rubber Mats
    ACE's Guide to Kickboxing Fitness
    Harbinger Pro Thumb Loop Wrist Wraps
    Drills and Exercises to Improve Static and Dynamic Balance
    Pro Maxima Raptor Series P-4000 Seated Row
    Harbinger Lifting Hooks
    42 inch Adjustable Power-Plyo Box
    The Power Revolution: A Sports Performance Guide to Achieving Maximum Power
    Olympic Bumper Plate
    ViPR™ VGF
    Pro Maxima FW-32 Abdominal Crunch
    Ab Coaster CTL
    Ab Solo
    ACSM American Fitness Index: Lesson Learned from the Field
    ACSM's Career and Business Guide for the Fitness Professional
    ACSM's Health/ Fitness Facility Standards and Guidelines - 4th Edition
    Black Chrome Cable Attachments
    Black Chrome Multi Purpose V Bar
    Black Chrome Tricep Pushdown Handle
    Building Your Personal Training Business
    Bumper Plate - Single
    Centurion 23TX3 Commercial Treadmill Series
    Centurion 25RX3 Commercial Recumbent Bike Series
    Centurion 25UX3 Commercial Upright Bike Series
    Centurion S25EX Commercial Elliptical w/HDTV Display
    Centurion SX3 Commercial Stepmill
    Delavier's Anatomy for Bigger, Stronger Arms
    Design More Effective Sessions with New Interval Training
    Drills and Exercises to Improve Coordination
    Fitness for Life Elementary School Gde for Wellness Coordinators
    Fitness Professionals Guide to Strength Training Older Adults - 2nd Edition
    Medicine Ball Power Training
    Methods of Group Exercise Instruction - 3rd Edition w/ Online Video
    NSCA's Guide to Test Assessments
    Plyometrics for the Strength - Power Athletes
    PowerForce Hanging Bag with Stand
    Pro Maxima Beast Box
    Pro Maxima CM-325 Multi Functional Trainer
    Pro Maxima CM-336 Multi Functional Trainer
    Pro Maxima FW-115 Flat Bench
    Pro Maxima FW-149 Solid Oak Center Platform 6' x 8'
    Pro Maxima FW-163 Competition Power Rack w/Wide Angle Base & Weight Storage Rack
    Pro Maxima FW-24 Adjustable Squat Stand w/Cross Member & Weight Storage
    Pro Maxima FW-36 Squat Stool
    Pro Maxima FW-56 Abdominal Bench Sit Up
    Pro Maxima FW-66 Shoulder Press Stool w/Reversible Seat
    Pro Maxima FW-7 Adjustable Squat Stand
    Pro Maxima FW-74 Wide Power Rack w/Band Attachment
    Pro Maxima Outlaw CF-9300 Total Body Trainer
    Pro Maxima PL-220D Dip Attachment
    Pro Maxima PL-300 Pro Double Sided Half Rack w/2 Oak Platforms
    Pro Maxima PL-302 Multi-Grip Chin Up
    Pro Maxima PL-303 Band Attachment
    Pro Maxima PL-308 Oak Platform w/Insert
    Pro Maxima PL-310 Pro Double Sided Half Rack w/Oak Platform
    Pro Maxima PL-321 Double Land Mine
    Pro Maxima PL-322 Single Land Mine
    Pro Maxima PL-350 Pro Half Rack w/Oak Platform
    Pro Maxima PL-365 Pro Full Power Rack w/Rubber Platform
    Pro Maxima PL-370 Pro Full Power Rack w/Oak Platform
    Pro Maxima PL-395 Pro Multi Rack w/Oak Platform
    Pro Maxima PLR-100 Olympic Incline Bench Press
    Pro Maxima PLR-200 Olympic Shoulder Press w/ Spotter Stand and Weight Storage
    Pro Maxima PLR-800 Seated Utility Bench w/Wheels
    Pro Maxima Raptor Series CM-335 Multi Functional Trainer
    Pro Maxima Raptor Series P-1000 Chest Press
    Pro Maxima Raptor Series P-1350 All Purpose Press
    Pro Maxima Raptor Series P-2000 Shoulder Press
    Pro Maxima Raptor Series P-3100 Tricep Extension
    Pro Maxima Raptor Series P-4100 Hi/Lat Pull
    Pro Maxima Raptor Series P-4200 Seated Cable Row
    Pro Maxima Raptor Series P-4300 Lat Pulldown/Seated Row
    Pro Maxima Raptor Series P-5100 Leg Extension
    Pro Maxima Raptor Series P-5300 Seated Leg Curl
    Pro Maxima Raptor Series P-5400 Glute Press
    Pro Maxima Raptor Series P-6000 Low Back Extension
    Pro Maxima Raptor Series P-6100 Abdominal Curl
    Pro Maxima Raptor Series P-6200 Rotary Torso
    Pro Maxima Raptor Series P-6550 Abdominal and Back Extension
    Pro Maxima Raptor Series P-8000 8-Way Neck Machine
    Reebok Ab Wedge Mat
    Reebok Combat 4ft Bag 80 lb
    Reebok Combat Body Shield
    Reebok Combat Grappling Bag
    Reebok Combat Heavy Bag - 130 lb
    Reebok Combat Speed Bag
    Reebok Combat Thai Bag
    Reebok Combat Upper Cut Bag
    Reebok Double Grip Medicine Ball
    Reebok Dumbbells
    Reebok Kettlebell
    Reebok Power Station
    Reebok Premium Kettlebell
    Reebok Pro Flat Bench
    Reebok Slam Ball
    Reebok Suspension Rings
    Reebok Tri Rig
    Reebok Utility Bench
    Rubber Floor Rolls
    Safari® Monkey Bars
    Serious Strength Training - 3rd Edition
    SpaceStation Summit 2500
    Standard™ Traverse Climbing Wall
    Successful Programs for Fitness and Health Clubs: 101 Profit Ideas
    The Group Fitness Trifecta
    Total Body Exercise with Dumbbells
    Training on Unstable Surfaces
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