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    Strength training equipment is an essential part of any sports and/or fitness regimen. Power Systems offers commercial quality; free weights, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, cables, machines, stations, and storage solutions for all your training needs. Power Systems has been providing innovative weight lifting and strength training equipment since 1986.

    30in Adjustable Power-Plyo Box
    42 inch Adjustable Power-Plyo Box
    Ab Solo
    Adjustable Chin-Up Bar
    Adjustable Step-Up Box
    Aluminum Training Bar
    Apple Vinyl Dumbbell
    Bamboo Bar
    Bar Wrap Pad
    Bulldog Collars
    Centurion 23TX3 Commercial Treadmill Series
    Centurion 25RX3 Commercial Recumbent Bike Series
    Centurion 25UX3 Commercial Upright Bike Series
    Centurion S25EX Commercial Elliptical w/HDTV Display
    Centurion SX3 Commercial Stepmill
    Chalk Ball
    Chin-Up or Pull Up Bar
    Crosscore 180
    Dynamax Coach’s Kit
    Dynamax Medicine Ball
    Earthquake Bar
    Elite Urethane Dumbbells
    Grizzly 4” Bear-Hugger Training Belt
    Grizzly 6” Bear-Hugger Training Belt
    Grizzly Leather Belt 4
    Grizzly Leather Dip Pull-Up Belt
    Grizzly Padded Pacesetter Training Belt - Large- 6
    Guardian Rubber Floor Mats
    Chalk 1 lb
    Hammer Strength Kettlebell
    Hand Wraps
    Hex Bar
    Horizontal Dumbbell Rack
    Husker Power Locks
    Infinity Vest
    Leather Power Belt
    LifeFitness Kettlebell
    Pro-Curve Bag Gloves
    Lifeline Power Wheel
    Lock-Jaw Olympic Barbell Collar - Pair
    Lock-Jaw Pro Barbell Collar
    LokTuff Interlocking Rubber Mats
    Manta Ray
    Medicine Ball Rebounder
    Slam Ball
    Mind and Body Ball
    Neoprene/Vinyl Dumbbell Storage Rack
    Neoprene/Vinyl Dumbbell Storage Rack w/ Casters
    Neoprene/Vinyl Vertical Dumbbell Rack Only
    Non-Bounce Medicine Balls
    Nylon Belt
    Nylon Dip / Pull-Up Belt
    Olympic Bar Holder
    Olympic Grip Plates
    Olympic Plate Rack
    Olympic Spring Collar (pair)
    Padded Cotton Lifting Straps (pair)
    Pendlay Bumper Plate, Single
    Power Grip-Ball Medicine Ball
    Power Rope Ball
    Power Sling
    Power Throw-Ball Baseball Medicine Ball
    Power Throw-Ball Baseball Size Complete Medicine Ball Set and Bag
    Power Throw-Ball Softball Medicine Ball
    Power Throw-Ball Softball Size Complete Medicine Ball Set and Bag
    Power Toss Football
    Power Training Rope 1.5
    Power Training Rope
    Power Training Rope
    Power Training Rope
    PowerForce Hanging Bag - Bag Only
    PowerForce Hanging Bag with Stand
    Power-Plyo Boxes
    Premium Neoprene Dumbbell
    Premium Olympic Bar
    Premium Power Plyo Boxes
    Premium Standing Rack for Tubing or Jump Ropes
    Pro Abdominator (pair)
    Pro Bar Wrap Pad
    Pro Chalk Container
    Pro Maxima Beast Box
    Pro Maxima FW-142 Ladder Rack
    Pro Maxima FW-10 Squat Rack
    Pro Maxima FW-110 Dumbbell Incline Bench w/Wheels
    Pro Maxima FW-113 Competition Power Rack w/Wide Angle Base
    Pro Maxima FW-136 Dual Abdominal / Back Extension
    Pro Maxima FW-147 Solid Oak Center Platform 8' x 8'
    Pro Maxima FW-149 Solid Oak Center Platform 6' x 8'
    Pro Maxima FW-163 Competition Power Rack w/Wide Angle Base & Weight Storage Rack
    Pro Maxima FW-24 Adjustable Squat Stand w/Cross Member & Weight Storage
    Promaxima FW-25 Adjustable Incline Bench
    Pro Maxima FW-28A Power Rack
    Pro Maxima FW-30 Adjustable Sit Up Bench
    Pro Maxima FW-32 Abdominal Crunch
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