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    GOFLO® Trainer

    Introducing the next generation in suspension training! The GOFLO® is a unique combination of a spring loaded suspension trainer with multiple attachments including a body harness, straps, and handles for your feet or hands.

    GOFLO® Trainer includes:

    • Door Anchor Attachment
    • Outdoor Anchor Strap
    • Base Attachment Strap
    • 2 Grip Handles
    • 6 Bungee Straps
    • 9 Carabiners
    • 2 Harnesses
    • Backpack
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    This array of attachments makes the GOFLO® perfect for all fitness levels and goals. The GOFLO® is a portable exercise tool that will enhance your athletic performance, engage your core, and improve your strength. The GOFLO® Trainer will allow you to work your body in new challenging ways and from different angles never before possible. 1-2 bungee straps hang from each side of the base attachment to accommodate users up to 200 lbs. Use up to 3 bungees per side for users over 200 lbs.


    • Door Anchor Attachment – for training at home or when a suspension device is not available
    • Indoor/Outdoor Anchor Attachment – allows you to anchor the GOFLO® to an indoor or outdoor fitness rig or pull up bar
    • Base Attachment – to hang and change the length of the GOFLO® to accommodate a variety of user and anchor heights
    • 2 Grip Handles – Made from silicone material for easy and comfortable gripping
    • 6 Bungee Straps* – To offset body weight resistance or add resistance depending on the exercise
    • 2 Harnesses – For use around the waist, arms, or feet depending on the exercise.
    • 9 Carabiners – To attach bungee straps, handles, and harnesses for support and safety.
    • Backpack – To transport your GOFLO® Trainer wherever you go



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    1.lauren on 10/31/2016 Incredible ! Counted 600 calories in 20 minutes workout !
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