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  • Core Flyte

    • Color: Blue/Black
    • Padded, non-slip top for comfort and grip
    • Ergonomically-designed, durable base
    • 3 Ball Transfer Units to move on any type of surface
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    The next generation of ball stability training, Core Flytes activate the core and engage more muscles for a full-body workout. Core Flytes use three omni-directional balls that move under a stable base to add a stability component to any exercise. Unlike any gliding or sliding product, users must use control – as opposed to force – to stabilize Core Flytes when performing both stationary exercises (e.g., planks, pushups) and dynamic exercises (e.g., lunges, rollouts). These portable stability trainers are designed to roll with you and work on any common surface, including non-slip rubber gym floors.

    • Very portable: Lightweight, durable and easy to store.
    • For all fitness levels: Adjust the difficulty by using on surfaces with more or less friction or changing the range of motion.  
    • Truly multi-surface: Moves well on any flat surface, including non-slip rubber gym floors, carpet and hardwood.
    • Inspires creative workouts: Introduces a completely new type of mechanics to popular exercises, and provides a platform for the innovation of new exercises.
    • Ergonomically designed: Works comfortably under hands and feet to give you a full range of movement through all planes of motion.
    • Innovative technology: Uses patented ball transfer technology from the aeronautics industry to facilitate omni-directional movement.
    • Wide-range of use: Used by personal trainers, professional athletes, group fitness classes, and physical therapists worldwide. 
    • Each Core Flyte Pro package includes a pair of Core Flytes and a Core Flyte workout poster. Free workout videos are available online.



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    Showing comments 1-9 of 9

    1.Gerald on 1/15/2017 Good quality easy to use work in all surfaces.
    2.Ed on 12/11/2016 They are okay. Not great on "any" surface as advertised!!!
    3.Adam on 10/20/2015 My fiancee is very athletic and does trapeze and dance. She bought a pair of core flytes to use at her gym, when traveling and at the office (she's a lawyer). I'm not very athletic, but tried them because they look really cool. I've been doing all kinds of creative pushups and core rollouts with them. The very fun thing that you realize when you use them is that they can do a lot for you when you're not moving them... just trying to keep them still. So, I'll do planks with my feet on them, pushups with my hands on them, and try not to let the core flytes move. This makes me really work my core and the muscles all around my body. It's been fun working out with them and I bought myself a pair too. I highly recommend for anyone who's athletic (like my fiancee) or somewhat who's just looking for something fun to use like me.
    4.Ethan on 10/7/2015 Although the name suggests it's a product focused on your core, these stability trainers can be used to train every muscle. If you want to build strength quickly, these little guys will do the trick. Plus, they are easy to take with you and work well with bands, TRX straps, bosu balls and many other valuable gym tools. Stop thinking about getting a pair and just do it, you'll be happy you did.
    5.Sofia on 10/6/2015 I read about this on Greatist.com and Amazon -- it had amazing reviews so I tried for himself. The core flytes are really really fun for anyone who's looking for something new... especially if you are a fitness pro working with clients who ALWAYS want new workouts!
    6.Brad on 9/29/2015 Great product to focus and tone your core. They're easy to pack and travel with, and since they work on a ton of surfaces, they're great to use while on the road.
    7.Nicco on 9/28/2015 I saw another trainer using these and I got myself a pair, they are fantastic! I carry them in my backpack everywhere I go now. My clients really like using them too because they're safer than a stability ball or BOSU for people who aren't so strong. The Core Flytes definitely make you feel your abs plus a lot of other muscles you didn't know you had. I love these things!
    8.Benjamin on 9/28/2015 These disks slide on these little balls and since there is very little friction, every move I make force me to engage my core.
    9.Jeremy on 9/20/2015 Great addition to your workout toolkit... very cool for new and creating exercises to make routines less "routine" :)! super-easy to travel with, really WORKS YOUR CORE, highly recommend!
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    Showing comments 1-9 of 9
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