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    MostFit Core Hammer

    • Safe sledgehammer workouts without a tire.
    • Dynamic, fun, and safe.
    • Made of solid urethane that can withstand extreme force.


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    Safe sledgehammer workouts without a tire. With the MostFit Core Hammer you no longer need a dangerous sledgehammer and bulky tire for this workout.

    Sledgehammer workouts are dynamic, fun, and now safe. This type of training engages all your muscles and challenges your cardiovascular system. It's great for athletes, fitness savvy people, and even casual exercisers. The MostFit Core Hammer weighs only 8 lbs. offering a portable sledgehammer workout without a tire. Enjoy your favorite sledgehammer exercises in your front yard, outside the office, or at a gym.
    • Durable plastic covered fiberglass handle
    • 8 or 12 lbs. head made of solid urethane
    • Can withstand extreme force



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    MostFit Core Hammer - 8 lb. 91342 91342 -- -- $249.99
    MostFit Core Hammer - 12 lb. 91344 91344 -- -- $269.99


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    1.maurice on 2/6/2017 The Core Hammer is a great tool for any fitness professional to use. Very vertasile besides using it for your traditional slams. My clientele loves them! Maurice Williams Owner, Move Well Fitness www.movewellfit.com
    2.Michael on 2/2/2017 I use the Core Hammer with all of my implement athletes (field hockey, lacrosse, softball, squash, tennis, and golf). It is extremely durable, versatile and portable. One of the best tools I have incorporated into our program in recent years. As a former football player who often misses the rush of hitting... the Core Hammer is great substitute (hitting the ground, concrete, tires, rubber blocks, etc.). Amazing product!
    3.Anthony on 2/2/2017 I use the Core Hammer DAILY! Love that I can go outside and get all the rotational and impact strength without having to use a Tire and Sledge! I take this everywhere with me! So many things you can do with it, and also love using it like a Mace for shoulder strength, stability and mobility!
    4.Heather on 2/2/2017 We love using the Core Hammer at our facility! Everyone enjoys the workouts as the Core Hammer provides a fun variation to training.
    5.kim on 2/1/2017 Super effective and creative addition to any functional training workout or circuit. There is so much more you can do with this product than just sledgehammer slams! Take it outside for bootcamps, cross functional training, use it in small group training - the possibilities are endless.
    6.Angelo on 5/19/2015 A $200 core hammer at 8 lbs. versus a $35 sledgehammer with the ability to purchase different poundage? And striking a concrete ground vs tire can't be too good for your body either! Tough call
    7.Gerard on 5/9/2015 This is a EXCELLENT product. Perfect for striking tires. My MostFit Core Hammer has replaced my sledgehammer.
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    Showing comments 1-7 of 7
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