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    Perfect Ab Carver Pro

    The kinetic engine in the ab carver makes this revolutionary ab machine the most effective equipment of its type. A carbon steel spring provides resistance as you roll it away from your body and provides assistance when you roll it back towards you. It also has an ultra-wide wheel that adds stability to your movement so you can veer left, right or center to effectively reach all of your core muscles.

    Using the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver:

    • Strengthens and tones the entire core and arms
    • Offers more control of movements for optimal waist carving
    • Works on any type of flooring
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    The technology used to make the Ab Carver Pro makes it the best ab machine of its kind. It was created by a Navy Seal for use as ab exercise equipment for more effective core strengthening in soldiers. The increased control and assistance make it the best choice in ab workout machines for all fitness levels.


    • Ultra-wide wheel for better stability and angling to work obliques
    • Rubberized, non-slip ergonomic performance grips improve grip and balance
    • Includes high-density foam knee pads for improved comfort

    Additional Information

    The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro differs from other types of exercise equipment in that it limits you to a single type of exercise. However, the wider angled wheel of the Ab Carver Pro allows you to carve movements so that you get the benefits of multiple fitness exercises in one move. Tone and carve abs, chest, shoulders, back and arms with a single piece of equipment.
    One advantage has over other Ab Carver in comparison to other abdominal exercise machines is the ability to work your core without putting stress on the shoulders. While it still uses your bodyweight for resistance, the design of the Ab Carver Pro takes the pressure off your shoulders for a more comfortable movement. 
    The Perfect Ab Carver Pro takes away many of the problems that people experienced when using the original abdominal wheels. It is easy for beginners to use at home or as part of the standard ab exercise machines at any fitness facility. If you are a beginner, start gradually and warm up before beginning. Perform the movements slowly and focus on controlling the action while holding your core muscles tight. You can increase the number of repetitions gradually as you grow stronger.
    Give the Perfect Ab Carver Pro a try and see the difference in how kinetic engine technology impacts your core workout. Once you have experienced the difference, leave your own Perfect Ab Carver review.



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