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    Spiral Strength Singles (2 Grips)

    • Easy way to add a neutral grip to several strength training equipment.
    • Durable rubber grip offers semi-supinated grip during workouts.
    • Tested at 150 lbs.
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    Spiral Strength™ Single™ attach effortlessly to exercise equipment to allow for a comfortable neutral or semi-supinated grip (palms facing toward the body) during your workout.

    • Durable US Made EPDM rubber grips.
    • Premium US Made Double Braided Minimal stretch Polyester Rope,
    • Optional stainless steel carabiners make attachment to cable pull machines or resistance bands quick and easy.
    • Attach them to suspension trainers, pull-up bars, cable pull machines, resistance bands, barbells and many other equipment.
    • Rated for 150 lbs. (70 KG) per grip.
    • Sold in pairs

    How to attach them:

    Either use the carabiner and simply clip it to your equipment or remove the carabiner. With the carabiner removed, wrap the Spiral Strength™ Single™ rope loop around the handle or bar and feed the base of the grip through the loop. Pull tightly and enjoy.



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